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Roblox is a multiplayer online role-playing game created by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel in 2004, released in 2006, and available on the Xbox 360, the PlayStation 3, and the PC. The game is created with the Lua programming language. The game centers around the concept of hosting a virtual environment in which users can create and control their own games.


There are two basic in-game methods of creating a new game, or “world”: the building system and the block system. The building system allows users to create a game using any of many graphical interfaces available to the game’s author. The building system also allows a game’s author to specify the physics and logic that are required of each object in the game.
The block system, on the other hand, allows users to create a game by arranging blocks of pre-defined textures, colors, and graphics into customized game environments. Once a block system world has been created, users can invite their friends to join, and can join them in their friends’ worlds. Like in the building system, users can specify the physics and logic that are required of each object within a game. Users can also create their own sound effects. The block system is similar to popular indie games like Minecraft and Terraria.

Users can either host their own games or create a game with others. In a game hosted by another user, the user’s control is limited to its in-game avatar, which is used for player communication. This avatar can take the form of a dog, fish, horse, robot, car, or any of the dozens of customizable pre-rendered characters available to the game’s creator. In comparison, users who create their own games can take full control of the game, with the exception of the avatar. Game developers can choose to host their game on their own Roblox server, or they can choose to run their server on Roblox’s network.

At the time of its release, Roblox had a similar concept to Today’s popular social media service, Snapchat. Each time a user plays a game, he or she receives a screenshot of the game world, and can access a list of their friends’ worlds to join in multiplayer games. This list of games are only available to other players, with whom the game’s author had a friend relationship. Players do not need to purchase any in-game items, as the only requirement is a Robux account. Robux, the virtual currency, can


Features Key:


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12-29-2017 • • • Robux™ Generator ➤
Roblox is the free online games website for kids and teens where you can create your own games, play play with your friends, and most of all have a lot of fun. You can make your own 3D games or play on one of our many downloaded games. There is a perfect game for everyone and kids can have hours of entertainment. Find pictures, games, and activities for kids and teens on Roblox.
How to get


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System Requirements For Free Robux Video Game:

This will allow you to get unlimited Robux and Money.

The in-app purchase is linked to the game (one account per phone).

Can be used without internet permissions.

Please be aware that there may be application compatibility issues with some devices, crashes, as well as some bugs.

Do I need a rooted device to use this app?
No. The application does not need rooted access.

What happens when the app is used?
You will be able to use unlimited amounts of Robux and Money (and be able to use a limited amount).

What do I need to use this app?
You need a Roblox account and the latest version of the game (2.8.0+) (this is for Android version only). You can use a French one or an English one.

Please be aware that you need to have a real account to be able to get the in-app purchases.

How to install
Download the file ‘robux_download.apk’ in your phone’s SDCard
Open the SDCard, go to the location the file was downloaded to and click on it.

File contains:1. Current Official version of Roblox ‘3D Builder’. Download the file robux_download.apk in your phone’s SDCard.2. Sdk files. Download the file’’ in your phone’s SDCard.3. Infos files. Download the file ‘’ in your phone’s SDCard.This is only needed to use the ‘Get Multiple Free Robux or Money’ function.

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Posted 1 year ago



On July 15th, 2019, Roblox’s business-to-business advertising (B2B) platform will become a set of unified advertising products.

With the new unified platform, you will be able to link your accounts to one B2B advertising account on Roblox, instead of having to link them to multiple accounts.

Unified Revenue Optimization (ROV) is the set of unified products that will be launched on July 15th and will generate some…

The installer is recommended because a new version of the Roblox Store needs to be installed to play the game. It is recommended that you only install


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