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A component of the Internet is used to disseminate free software and software that’s in the public domain or is copyrighted with a license. Some would say that these websites are dangerous and may cause you to lose your software license. But in the age of the Internet theres no need to fear, unless youre starting out and don’t even have a license. As long as youre using these sites responsibly and the software is freely available online to everyone else who is using it, youre in the clear.

Torrent has a reputation for doing exactly what it says on the tin: it allows you to download software from other computers on your network for free. This is done through a BitTorrent client, a peer-to-peer network protocol used for tracking the download of files. We have included this website into our list of top software download websites because it is an alternative to the torrent alternatives like rapidshare etc. since it provides a larger selection of software than torrents do, usually being able to provide more downloads at the same time as torrents.