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The cat, like its closely related relative, the domestic dog, has been used in comparative studies of human and animal karyotypes. Because these two species have evolved in such close proximity, it has been hypothesized that the form of karyotype acquired by each species is a product of its unique evolutionary history. In this regard, the cats investigated in this study are of interest because of the absence of homologues to human chromosomes 1, 7, and 17 in the cat karyotype. Furthermore, the similarities in the karyotypic organization of some cat and dog chromosomes, despite the segmental and interchromosomal homologies that exist, provide a unique opportunity to assess the effect of karyotypic mosaicism on genome evolution. The present study examines the karyotypes of nine domestic cats using G- and C-banding techniques and sequential measurements of chromosomal lengths. Chromosomes p, q, s, and t had a uniform centromeric constriction and were further characterized using Ag-NOR analysis as part of a survey of cat chromosome polymorphism. Other species-specific features of the karyotypes include small blocks of heterochromatin in the centromeres of cat chromosomes p and q; C-bands of varying lengths adjacent to the centromeric constriction of all chromosome types; and numerous clones in which band regions of distal segments of chromosome s are fused. Comparative analysis of karyotypes from these nine domestic cats revealed 18 chromosome types defined by the presence or absence of one or more unidentifiable basic segments. Of these 18 chromosome types, seven are shared between the cat and the dog. Of the remaining 11 chromosome types, six of them have never been reported in the dog karyotype. The results of this study on the cat karyotype lend support to the hypothesis that the karyotypic organization of this species, in addition to its unique species-specific chromosomal deletions, is a product of unique evolutionary history. Furthermore, it supports the hypothesis that the major cytogenetic changes of genome

0 comment The University of Hawaii at Manoa will cancel all classes starting Tuesday as a result of Hurricane Lane. The approved team roster includes 17 guaranteed spots and six at-large spots to be filled by voting teams in the Men’s Division.

NASA’s Kepler planet finder pulls the trigger on new world – Kiplinger’s Personal Finance All 13 confirmed planets discovered by the Kepler mission are orbiting six stars within 290 light-years of Earth. In five of the cases, the planets are in the habitable zone — the distance from their stars where liquid water could.

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A new study shows some patients who have social anxiety attacks may actually be anxious about fear.

The new study, “Social Anxiety and Physical Symptoms in Children,” found the majority of children who experience anxiety have some sort of physical complaint.

The paper was published in the Journal of Clinical.

As I was reading this the thought popped in my head: “Am I living this life?” What is this life I am living? Why do I think and feel this way? Why can’t I let go of this pain? That has been a constantly enduring and debilitating feeling. I am so tired of being sick.

I had a severe nausea attack and hectic fever. I went to the doctor’s office, and when I was sitting down I just started to vomit. The vomiting continued for a half hour.Emerging paradigms in mRNA degradation.
The vast majority of protein synthesis in mammalian cells occurs on free mRNAs that are stored in messenger ribonucleoprotein particles. Free mRNAs are unable to act alone in protein synthesis and require the protein synthesis machinery of the host cell. Mechanisms for regulating mRNAs include control of mRNA stability, such as degradation and synthesis, and control of translation initiation and efficiency. Whereas translation initiation is tightly regulated at the level of translation initiation factors and initiation codons, the mechanisms of mRNA degradation, as well as new avenues of mRNA regulation, remain poorly understood. Here we review selected recent findings on the mechanisms of RNA degradation in mammalian cells, with particular focus on ribonuclease E- and -mediated degradation, and discuss emerging paradigms in mRNA metabolism.COLUMBIA, S.C. — Once favored by the White House and GOP leaders for gaining the Senate, former Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker has effectively been written off the map as a potential successor to