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Do you want to find out what a genuine cracked is? Because most the cracked software available on the internet is not genuine. Yet many people download cracked software and accidentally infect their computers with spyware and other malware. Most of the times, its on a hacked website that is offering cracked software. People do not know that they are being scammed and the software is really a malicious program. You need to be very careful if you want to download cracked software and ensure that the website is safe and reliable.

So keep your eyes peeled for scams! Also, make sure that you know what the website is for and what it is offering. For example, if you visit some website that is offering to sell you a cracked game, you know that it is scamming you. If the site is offering to sell you the cracked version of a game, you know that you should not buy it. It is a very good idea to always download cracked software from a reliable site, and that is why I can confidently say that the internet is full of hacks and scams. It is only safe to download software from a site that is recognized and a highly trusted one.

There are various online services that allow you to download cracked software free of cost. While some services have gone legal and requested a fee, others include an interesting custom and private setup model for their users, but do not charge a fee. Some such sites include 0x0a , where the software can be downloaded with a custom license.txt file containing custom legal information and CodeBase64 , whose download software selection has a custom license.txt and CodeBase64 .