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Orbit Downloader Free Download Full Version Filehippo Antivirus

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Google App Engine Memory: standard vs large, fastest

I have a question. I need to calculate a Trie and keep it in RAM or, if its too big, on the disk. I thought about two things for memory usage:
Having a dictionary with 10 million entries in RAM. This is 15 MBs.
Having a dictionary with 10 million entries in RAM and on the disk. This is 100MBs.
It should be faster if it is on the disk, right? But why?


This is from Google App Engine Python dictionary documentation:

The dictionary type is typically the fastest to use because it
implements most of the functionality of a full-featured dictionary
class with just the simplest of storage requirements. The library
chooses an appropriate subclass of dict when the number of keys is
large, typically in the range [1,10) or so; the numbers in the
documentation above are not such limiting values and are a product of
the memory limitations of the Java virtual machine.

Also, in App Engine, the default datastore is the memcache which has limitations about the size of datastore:

The limit on the maximum size of a Datastore entity’s value is
currently 10MB. A limit of 5MB will be added to this limit in a
future release. This applies to TEXT, BLOB and ARRAY types, as well as
the JSON datastore-encoded value.

And these were the