[FSX P3D V3 V4] SPAI Traffic Pac ❗

[FSX P3D V3 V4] SPAI Traffic Pac ❗


[FSX P3D V3 V4] SPAI Traffic Pac

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Frank the beta lead developer of X-plane 11 has released the latest build, beta 15, of X-Plane 11 the eleventh version of X-Plane 11, the World’s leading flight simulator. X-Plane 11 beta 15 adds a brand new freeway environment, the Düsseldorf Airport, a brand new deicing tool the device known as the Glas. In addition to the updates for X-Plane 11 beta 15, X-Plane 11 now features the ability to play, in a multiplayer environment, the premiere World War I flight sim, Full Throttle 2, on Steam. X-Plane 11 beta 15 also carries over the model changes found in beta 14 of X-Plane 11.
Link removed.  [FSX e P3Dv4] SPAI Traffic V7

I posted this in the forum as it appeared to be getting all the attention this question deserves but i dont get it.
So. I’ve recently reinstalled my FSX/P3D on my new PC. It’s in the same part of the house as before so. i changed some settings and monitors etc.
and no matter what i do. i cannot get tacpac to run, it just keeps crashing with a server not found error.
i’ve tried every config in the forum and tried a few more.. followed this to the tee:

I also tried the new pac simulator so i’m going to try that.
I know i could just download the source and reconfigure it to fit my needs… but i like the idea of being able to use Tacpac from within the game.
any help would be appreciated

Hi All
This is my first post in this forum so, sorry if i posted this twice.
Some time ago, when the P3D beta was released by Paul-rock, i installed it, put all my maps and my old X-plane to a new system.
After that, i forgot about the P3D beta and X-plane.
Since then i installed X-plane 10/11/12 onto my new PC. (after having upgraded to windows 10)
However, i could not find any BETA FSDB SPAI-T