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Looking for TileCache and IKImageView based on a Rendertexture: Tiled Rendering for iPhone example

I am experimenting with ios-tilecache. I have taken the sample iPhone Tiled Rendering Example and would like to run some tile caching, loading small images from a spritesheet and loading them into a cached rendertexture and using that texture (rather than the normal UIImage) in a UIImageView.
I am very new to this. I have googled and found some samples, but they have a lot of code and are hard to follow. Is there a way I can get started with just the
– (void)tileCacher:(TileCache *)tileCache createTile:(CGPoint)position withAttributes:(NSDictionary *)attributes;

method that creates a CITileCache with no tilecache, render texture, etc. to work with? I have yet to find a simple example that I can work with. Can someone point me at one?


Good luck. I haven’t gotten the iOS 3.0 version of TileCache to work, but the iOS 2.2 version does work well, and the code is quite easy to follow, and quite complete.
You don’t need TileCache to do this. All you need is a render texture, a frame buffer, and a rendering context. See the WWDC session video here.


Why is my Post Request returning a 400 Bad Request?

I am trying to POST a message to an external API endpoint. This is my code so far:
NSString *toUser = myUser;
NSString *data1 = [NSString stringWithFormat:@”username=%@&password=

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