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Explodemon is an ‘exploding’ action platform game where the player uses physics to overcome…

Control the dreaded “Dread-Tomb” as it feeds on the dark souls of living beings! After a long sleep, the Dread-Tomb awakes to wreak havoc, and only you can stop it! Traverse through an eerie landscape of haunted castles and crumbling ruins while you repel the fear-filled creatures of night! Move freely in 2D environments, to avoid the giant bugs that fill the castles and dungeons. You must battle your way to the Dread-Tomb’s core, using a versatile arsenal of weapons to stop it! If you are unable to destroy the Dread-Tomb in time, you’ll be consumed by its terrible dark power.
An all-new action-adventure game for the iOS, designed for touchscreens!
Challenge yourself in topsy-turvy 2D action that is simple to play, yet challenging to master!
Download now and find out why people love this game.

Sculpt your own batmobile with the impressive and detailed Bodymesh Studio Batmobile Builder!
Build a diverse range of Batman characters like your Bat-Signal, Batman, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, The Joker and many more.
Work through over 10 different stages as you build and sculpt your Batmobile.
Includes features like Speed, Power, Stunts and Vehicles.
Screenshots as featured in Tegami Media’s Batman Archive.
Enlist the help of Batman to give you a hand at Bodymesh Studio, but be careful! His target is you…

Clap your hands, fire up your engines and rev up the throttle to take control of your very own customised “Starfighter” and blast off into the endless blue skies!
Try to complete every stage as quickly as possible to earn extra points!
Build your own customised “Starfighter” from a variety of body parts, propellors and wings.
Earn in-game currency by destroying planets and stars, or by battling them!
Try to complete each level in the minimum time to get to the next.
Push your Starfighter to the limits and earn in-game currency for blasting into the distance!
Enlist the help of the secret organisation, Vulcan’s Golden Arm to help you earn in-game currency and access to secret levels!
Classic arcade feel, with endless waves of aliens and planets to take down!
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Ghost Train VR

Ghost Train VR

GTRVM80 Demo by ocko33


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The VR-verse F-105D-E is a fully licensed, highly detailed multi-player dogfighting experience dedicated to re-enacting the combat and historical realism of the legendary F-105 Thunderchief.
The F-105D is a modernized version of the classic F-105B (they look the same) and is able to carry the same loads the original employed for fast air-to-air strikes as well as being a dedicated ground attack platform.
Our mission is to get players into the cockpit of the Thunderchief as a fighter pilot, flying one of the most iconic aircraft of the 20th century, and to allow them to experience a true reconnoitering mission.
Interactive cockpits with 3D switches, displays, instrumentation and controls that are true to the original
Interactive HUD which allows players to toggle weapons and electronic systems, and view the F-105D’s external systems and features
Interactive environment with destructible buildings, friendly structures, and airfields, allowing you to fly the Thunderchief over various landscapes and environments.
Create your very own dogfight scenarios using the multiplayer editors
Build your own missions or re-enact a historical scenario using the built-in missions editor
Save missions and save your flying profile, track your best times and revisit historic battles
Install community missions from the Steam Workshop
Dogfight with up to nine other players in a variety of mission types and game modes
Suitable for all ages, the Thunderchief is playable for short breaks as well as extended campaigns
Animated refuelling probe
Animated afterburner petals/spoilers which also act as a speed brake
Drag chute can be toggled on/off
Animated spoilerons
Pilot can be toggled on/off
Animated tail arrestor hook
Various 2D pop-up panels including refueling, autopilot, electrics, camera and radio/anti-ice/lighting
Leaderboards and Achievements
Community Missions from the Steam Workshop
In-game message and chat system
Online multiplayer and split-screen local co-op gameplay
Advanced cockpit options
Upper deck windscreen has adjustable AI target
Enjoy an immersive flight experience with high fidelity and visual fidelity of the F-105D.
Very pretty.
Everything is pretty.
It’s like flying a $200 quality helicopter.
Far too sophisticated for my noobish-hands!
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Demigod Project here, and in the last few weeks we’re been making big strides in terms of development and the game is now only a month or two away from release!We’ve been working around the clock on the game, and we’re pretty close to the development goal of being finished by the end of 2017! We’ve been breaking down the art and the story and writing the first few chapters of the storyline. I’ve been working on the game physics, balancing the powers, and adding enemies. We’ve created a Discord server (Link is on the top left) to assist and encourage feedback, and we’re currently looking for more funding to help with additional development and website ads. With Patreon, people can fund us to make bigger, more epic updates and other cool content for the game, and because we’re doing this for free, there’s a level of community where people can, and are, giving back!You can support us with donations, in the form of Patreon or Paypal (Link on website), or please share this campaign with your friends.You can also help us spread the word about the game by sharing this campaign in your social networks, and by commenting on this blog!Many people have been asking for the game to be downloaded, and I’m working on this right now! Now that the game is closer to release, I’m trying to make an amazing product, and I’m happy to finally be able to announce that you can download Demigod for free! I’m happy to have made a nice little demo so people can try the game. You don’t need to have a Discord account, or to have an email, just to sign up for Discord. I’ve added a box at the end of the sign up process for people who want to register for Discord, that will send them an invite. You can find a link to the Discord server in the top left, or click here: I’ve also added a small tutorial that will walk you through the basics and the early gameplay, and I hope this will help people get better acquainted with the game. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with Demigod, and I wish you great things for this game and for your dreams in life!It’s a work in progress, but we’re excited to see what you think! You can check out the demo here: For any Steam users, I’ve included a link to the Steam store page on my Youtube channel (Link


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