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* Create your own game in minutes.
* Play millions of games created by other people.
* Play with your friends online right now.
* Invite your own games to the market.
* Get rewarded for creating a good experience.

* Create games in only 2 easy steps. Click “Make a game” to start.
* Use the pre-made game templates or start with a blank canvas to build your game.
* Use your imaginations to create anything you can think of, whether it’s a hidden object game, a MMORPG, an action game, or a racing game.
* Create multiplayer games that your friends can play right now.

* Two players can play in one room at the same time.
* Shoot for the stars and make it to the top.
* Create fun experiences and earn cool rewards like virtual and in-game currency.
* Earn virtual currency by inviting your friends to Roblox.

* Invite your friends to Roblox and play together in one fun Roblox room.
* Invite your friends to your game and play together online right now.
* Play all of your favorite games and create your own.

* Experience first-person game, MMORPG, adventure game, racing game, and puzzle game gameplay in one game.
* Try something new from popular genres like hidden object, survival game, and racing game.
* Easy game creation and game play. Drag-and-drop your blocks to build and place them anywhere in the game.
* Free and no downloads. No pop-ups, no paid to play, no ads.
* Play free or spend your real money on virtual currency to power up and unlock new features.

* A range of game genres and genres are available.
* Use the built-in tools to create fun games.
* Create hidden object games and puzzle games.
* Play racing games and action games.
* Roblox has over more than 100 amazing game templates and game genre that you can choose from.

* Access the Console and HTML5 tools.
* Create games for Android and iOS.
* The “Tutorial” option is provided to help players understand what the game tutorial is and how to play.
* Tutorials are optional.

* Roblox has more than 8,000,000,000 games and activities.
* Reach millions of users around the world.
* Other awesome


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