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Which stat should I use for determining damage dealt to enemies when attacking?

I am creating an automatic record function for my game. The game can be played in a party of 2 and/or a party of 3.
In a party of 2, each player can attack twice and each player is required to roll for their equipment when they attack. A player must roll for their equipment every single time, meaning a maximum of 4 attacks for a player.
In a party of 3, each player can attack 2 and each player should roll for their equipment when they attack. A player must roll for their equipment every single time, meaning a maximum of 8 attacks for a player.
I am having trouble choosing which attack stat should be used when calculating damage. The context of this will be: “How much of the damage from (attack stat) should be attributed to (attack stat) of the enemy?”
Does this require a separate calculation for each, or should I just change the formulas for the total damage?
An example is shown below (this doesn’t display correctly).


The general rule is to use the higher amount. If it was weapon 1 hitting the monster and weapon 2 hitting the monster, you would use weapon 1. As you are having three players, the system will use the higher one.

CompatibleVersions = [3.0,]
Legacy = True

Kind = SourceCode
RecreateBuildTargets = True
DocumentAllowedDependencies = True

WarnAsError = True
OutputPath = VisualStudio\Cirru\\bin\\Release

Include =..\src;..\win\src

ShowProgress = True
ProjectFile =..\src\Cirru.vcxproj
; CodeAnalysisRuleSet =..\src\Cirru.ruleset

; CodeAnalysisRuleSet =

CurrDir =..\..
Platform = x86
ProjectType = Roguelike
ProjectTarget =..\..\

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How should I go about using user names in an SO question?

As I have been reading some of the more recent questions on SO, I have been seeing a lot of questions where the user name or name of the application is taken to represent the question. I am new to the culture of SO, so I wasn’t sure if this was appropriate. I understand that it is considered bad manners to simply drop by and say hello, but it seems like “professionals” tend to do it all the time. I’m wondering if the community has any rules on this.


Given that the rules are quite clear that asking a question about your own problem is not allowed, I don’t see the reason to disallow the “hello, I’m new here” in a similar way. Unless your question doesn’t match the Stack Exchange format.
(The in-official guidelines suggest saying “Hi, welcome to our site, we love questions related to the Android framework, this is my [problem]..”)


Let’s keep the title and body of questions short, but not so short that questions need to be in tweets or @replies.
First-come first-serve policy is okay, but let’s try to keep the smallest number of repeat questions.
I’m a big fan of “thank you.” I’m not so big a fan of “my question.”

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