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Codeigniter database validation failing

I have 4 tables


client_address has a client column.
client_address_zones has a client_address_id column and a zone_id column.
client_address_zones_plan_types has a zone_plan_type_id column and a client_address_zones_id column.
The client_address_zones_plan_type has a client_address_id and zone_plan_type_id.

The database is being created using command line but I have my code in the model as is.
The array it is passing
This shows the values in the database

The error message
This is the error


Does the error message say something about a missing column?
Can you confirm that the database and the database builder are set to the same table settings?
The error message suggests that you have your query incorrectly set up.
You need to close the parenthesis of your where clause, add the colon to the start of your JOIN statement and add parenthesis around the ON clause.
The query should look like this:
$this->db->join(‘client_address_zones_plan_types’, ‘client_address_zones.zone_plan_type_id = zone_plan_types.zone_plan_type_id’, ‘inner’);
$this->db->where(‘zone_plan_types.zone_plan_type_id’, $zone_plan_type_id);
$this->db->where(‘client_address_zones.client_address_id’, $client_address_id);
$this->db->order_by(‘zone_plan_types.zone_plan_type_name’, ‘ASC’);
$query = $this->db->get();
if ($query->num_


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Create file handle with the same name as file?

I have some code that creates a file, saves some data to it, then closes it. At a later point, if the data has been changed, I want to open the file again and compare the data to what is written in the file.
It is my understanding that when I open a file with fopen(), it re-opens the file even if the name has already been used. This means that I have to open the file by its actual name, or else I end up comparing the data saved to the data already in the file.
This is my code (I only want to point out the relevant parts):
FILE *file = fopen(“file.dat”, “a+”);
fwrite(&some_var, sizeof(some_var), 1, file);

if ( (some_type) == get_data() )
fopen(“file.dat”, “r”); // This line fails! fopen() already in use
fread(&some_var, sizeof(some_var), 1, file);

I have tried using flock() to ensure no other processes are writing to the file before I open it, but the error persists.


The problem is that you are trying to open the file with the exact same name twice. fopen will open a file with that name for you once, so opening it again is just overwriting the first file with the second file.


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