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Learn more about the cocktail here: Deepika. Saif Ali Khan and.. Not that I’m thrilled with this film, but, yes. Not long ago I saw a movie.
The idea is not bad, but as often happens in Indian cinema, the result is not very good.
Saif Ali Khan – . He is young, handsome, smart and insanely talented. He could have been a successful musician if he had not been an actor. It is not in his nature to sit at home and wait for someone to come and take care of all the worries and problems. He wants to do everything himself. But here’s the problem. No money

Cocktail (2012) is a Hindi comedy film starring Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone, Mia Ueda and Randeep Khuda and directed by Homi Adajania. ♦ Plot ♦ The story is about Anuradha (Saif Ali Khan), a popular pop singer in India who travels to America in Los Angeles with his fiancé Nisha (Deepika Padukone).
Although Anuradha is an idol and a crowd favorite in India, he comes face to face with the real world outside of India.
Like most pop singers in India, Anuradha has a strong attachment to his image, which is to be more relaxed and carefree than his surroundings.

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