Pod Farm 2.5 Platinum Torrent ((LINK))

Pod Farm 2.5 Platinum Torrent ((LINK))


Pod Farm 2.5 Platinum Torrent

if you are adding effects to an amp, you can also drag out the effect icons below the amp, leaving you with just the amp/cabinet. pod farm comes with a choice of pedals, most of which are distortion and fuzz-based, plus an amp’s circuitry simulator (which doesn’t allow you to experience the real hardware), and the ability to mute individual controls. there’s also a selection of amps, cabinets and rigs, each with their own unique sound. a control for adjusting the modeling algorithms can be found in the options box; it’s set to ‘quick for fast action’, so it’s far from the slowest version. the tone response is pretty consistent across the board, but ampmodels are a little dirty on this mid-priced version. line 6 claim the ‘pod farm sound’ can be ‘improved’ by slightly dropping the treble, which i think is a bit of a stretch, though it does make these sounds a little meatier than earlier versions. there are also various preset banks, plus dozens of user-defined songs to download and use in the compilation mode.

pod farm allows users to create a tonal palette by fusing an assortment of vintagesome of which have been road tested by guitarists around the world. it’s all there: pod amps like mesa boogie series, jim dandy, tubeking, sonor, sunn, marshall, fender (vintage) and many more. pod cab simulations include mono, stereo, and 3-way configurations for fender, marshall, vox, marshall and many more. all this power-packed flavor is wrapped up in a modern, easy to use interface that delivers results unlike any other. pod farm 2.5 is designed to give you the widest possible range of guitar tones with a combination of analogue and digital modelling that will make you want to play your guitar. the result is a powerful new voice in guitar tone making it easy to create that sought-after sound.

with more than 75 bass amp models, pod farm 2.5 provides a wealth of sonic possibilities. pick any amp model, and you can load your own tube and/or solid state preamps and effects. over half of all bass amp models are geared for working with natural acoustic instruments. each amp’s patches are completely editable, meaning you can match this amp to any in your daw for better tone at any volume. you can even use your own amp preamps and effects. same goes for bass cabinets, as pod farm 2.5 offers model after model of natural and/or exotic-sounding loudspeakers. you can choose from built-in cabinets with both humbucking and single-coils, or make your own with our speaker modeling tools. each amp can be configured with different cabinet characteristics, and each cabinet’s patches are completely editable. it’s got the most natural-sounding amp and cabinet combinations to choose from. whether you want to record your own bass sound, play along with a recording, or simply record the sound of a multi-speaker, natural cabinet-type sound, pod farm 2.5 is ready to deliver. pod farm 2.5 lets you apply your own tube and/or solid-state tube and/or solid-state preamps to any amp in your arsenal, or use line 6’s factory amp presets. you can also load any of over 6,500 free user presets to apply to your own amp and cabinet combinations. .. pod farm is one of the least costly ampmodelling programs around: the platinum version costs 200$300 but the standard version is only 77$100 and online ifound some line 6 hardware that was cheaper than that and gave you afree download. owners of some line 6 hardware are entitled to a free download too. so while you might be tempted to dismiss pod farm as being not entirely serious, it really does compare with the best that its competitors have to offer. you get some really solid bass amp models and ahandful of studio preamps that provide useful alternative tonal colours too. some people might argue that the sounds aren’t entirely ‘authentic’, but they certainly get pretty close and, more to the point, they’re musically satisfying and responsive, conveying asense of power and depth. the sound may not be the same as when you’re standing in front of abig stack, but it’s not far off what you hear played back after you’ve stuck amic in front of one! paulwhite 5ec8ef588b


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