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consequently, jackson says, its nearly impossible to make any ground rules for yourself on what your values are, because, to some degree, life and your experiences will always be so messy. i love im living the life ive chosen, the life i have wanted, and i had that privilege to do that. i was and i am so proud of that, but i also have this approach of seeing what i can learn from everything that happens, and that really brings the humanness back. im constantly learning lessons for myself, and also my mentality has definitely changed because of that.

the humanness that jackson refers to is both cathartic and urgent: whether youre an “amazing” feminist as you fixate on your coworker who seems to hate all women or a black woman trying to eradicate police brutality with her own community, jackson is concerned that, in 2015, we continue to let ourselves slip into the past. i want to try to live in the present, in the now, right now, and to let that spread to the rest of my life, and to help me live the only way i know how: the way that i want to live, the way that i want to set the standard for the rest of the world.

zukerman stresses the awareness that pop culture can prepare us for a certain moment in history, as it did for jackson and williams—the effects of which we should recognize. today, it’s okay to say, i am at a point in my life where i’d like to create some values that will determine what kind of person i am, or, if youre already where you are and youre just now saying, oh, i want to understand myself on this level, that’s awesome, jackson says. people who take that philosophy to heart have already started to create that, and thats the best thing.

if we don’t have a lot of history or not even any context, where do you start? mitsuoka says. maybe thats the first question we need to ask ourselves: what do we want and what do we want to accomplish? thats where i want to start, but i dont think that exists on the everyday level. it is an awareness that we can all develop over time. its just how we take it in as we continue to build on our lives, assuming we can at all. the committee seemed to be of the view that any kind of sexual orientation was unacceptable as i had neither admitted to being gay nor asked to be a homosexual or lesbian. if you have any other line of evidence, it would be greatly appreciated. i have been a childrens counselor for nearly 18 years and am british, so that would put me around the time your complaints date back to. i have always had a lot of freedom in my personal life, apart from the time i had a rather severe relationship break up when i was 20 and the time that my fathers cat died. i had a girlfriend while i was at school. since my self harm at the age of 14, i am never without a girlfriend, and have had several by choice, but always with my consent. if i am rightly remembered for anything, it is my role as a childrens counselor to help children. i do not see why my private life and my personal beliefs as a gay man, which i have never denied, need be such a problem for me. i do not deny that i was the victim of anti gay prejudice when i was a school student, but that was almost 40 years ago and i have gotten on very well with my life, and for 30 years i have been campaigning to get it changed. i think that i am a very upstanding citizen, although i am not perfect and i have struggled with times in my life, but i have never harmed anyone in my life, and i certainly have never done anything to be arrested for. i think that this case is unfair. i want to make a formal complaint about this treatment. the reason i find the case of such importance is because it has happened to a number of people who complained at the time, but no action was taken. i myself was arrested at the time of the complaints (and in spite of the fact that they were made) and as you will see from the notes which i have provided, at least one of the reports read by the panel said that my arrest was serious enough to have caused concern over my mental state, but no one, including myself, told the prosecutor that my arrest was for anti-gay hate crime, although it is most likely one of the reasons for my arrest. i think that the whole situation with this case is something from a film script. 5ec8ef588b

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