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the b.e.b.l.g.s success in developing a community vision and action plan has helped to strengthen the communitys sense of collective power. barrio logan is now recognized as having a rich history, a well-developed community, and a strong community voice. this collective power led to the passage of the barrio logan community plan, the creation of the cesar chavez parkway, the re-naming of the streets, and the establishment of barrio station, which is now the home for homeless services for san diego.

barrio logan is also a cultural destination, and a major tourist attraction, in san diego. over 5 million tourists visit the area each year, and the communitys role as an international bridge between the u.s. and mexico has allowed the community to become a tourist destination in its own right. the area is also the focus of the yearly barrio logan arts fest, the only festival of its kind in san diego.

in 2007, barrio logan had the dubious distinction of being the state?s most dangerous community, when the journal of irish studies reported that the murder rate in the barrio was higher than in the city of new york.

barrio logan has also recently been the scene of a movement to end the mass incarceration of black and brown people in san diego, as well as across the u.s. in 2017, justice for all filed a class action lawsuit that has resulted in the convictions of the san diego police officer who shot tamir rice, and who later killed other unarmed black men, and has resulted in a federal investigation of the san diego police department.

the project has resulted in the creation of a very real and lasting legacy that will greatly enhance the lives of the residents of barrio logan. the safety issues raised by conmeco are real, and worth addressing. we have no doubt that as we move forward the community will be engaged in this process. yet, we also have little doubt that the community will be engaged because it has been empowered to be engaged. the community has decided that it needs a voice. to that end, the community has engaged with the design team to ensure that their voices are heard. we are confident that this involvement will lead to a successful project. meanwhile, we are committed to listening to the concerns of the community as we move forward.

the destruction of the community and the subsequent gentrification made barrio logan a topic of critical commentary in the late 1960s. i-5 left barrio logan as a series of isolated, depressed, and crime-ridden neighborhoods that in some cases have been remediated with urban renewal schemes. yet, barrio logan has continued to attract migrants and refugees due to its proximity to the university of san diego and the hospital in la mesa.
the construction of interstate 5 severed the community from the rest of san diego and the rest of the united states. while the community is divided into two parts by the interstate, the two parts are connected by the pedestrian-friendly el cajon boulevard, the neighborhood’s main commercial strip. while the east side of barrio logan has been the site of urban renewal, the west side of barrio logan has been one of the most consistently impoverished communities in san diego county.
even though barrio logan was an active community in the 1960s, and the area was recognized as a center of the chicano movement, the community was not represented in the city of san diego’s commission on human relations, and was not included in a 1966 report to the san diego city council. the community was not represented in the city council until 1970.
the 1968 national chicano moratorium was held in barrio logan, which was part of the chicano park campaign. the moratorium was part of the chicano nationalism movement. the chicano park campaign sought to build a memorial park and community center at the site of the assassination. the events at chicano park demonstrated the need for a cultural center that reflected the mexican-american experience in the united states.

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