Acer Eg31m V.1.1 Drivers M2 Series


Acer Eg31m V.1.1 Drivers M2 Series

hi i am using an acer aspire one 753 and using the projectors with the projector was working fine no issues when i connected to the internet, everything was ok. however now when the computer has been off for a couple of days for the last two days and just switched the projectors back on and tried to turn the internet on i couldn’t get the network to work. i used to plug my mobile broadband modem into my computer to use the internet and it was fine, however since using it i have stopped working. i have tried restarting my computer, switching off the modem in the computer and a restart of the modem but still no luck. i also used ethernet cable to the modem but it didn’t work. i have plugged the projectors back into my computer and still no luck. the network settings are set to home and all the other settings are on automatic except for the dns server which is 08:00:00.00. any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

hi there, i’m looking to find a working adapter for my wireless internet connection. i know that my adapter is a atheros based wireless adapter, as it can be seen below in device manager and when i go to the homepage of the manufacturer, i do have that information. i have done a search on this page and when i click on download for the drivers, i am told that i need to have a computer with windows 7 or later. that is fine, since i have a windows 7 computer, but i do not see any downloads for either win 7 or vista. why am i not seeing the download for either version?

i just went and bought the acer aspire v3-551, i just went through all the windows updates and now i cant get my wireless to connect. i called support and they told me to keep running an anti virus program and the updates. ive also tried downloading the acer aspire v3-551 drivers but that didnt do anything. the only other thing i can think of would be the browser but ive tried turning it off and on as well. please help, i really need this laptop. i am in the middle of breaking up with my boyfriend and i need this laptop.

had a problem similar to this. i also downloaded the correct drivers but when i rebooted i get a message saying windows cannot locate the drive. i think it is because i have download the wrong drivers. how can i delete the wrong ones?? i want to get the right drivers for my laptop, i live in ireland and i live in ireland. i have a desktop i dont want to put it in and i do not have the room to put it in. can i download the right one on my laptop and then put it on my desktop? how to get driver for acer projector “acer has built its business by showing its customers what can be done with their portable computers. the amscreen projectors are just the latest example of the company’s commitment to making your viewings and presentations more effective and professional.” “this acer product is the first of its kind and promises to revolutionize the way people watch movies on the go. one of the uses we’d like to see most is people making presentations at a coffee shop or a gym. if you want to share your powerpoint presentation to a group of people, this will be the perfect solution to that. it’s lightweight and easy to use. more information about the acer projector is available here: ” i have a laptop acer aspire 4330 that has a wireless adapter attached to it. problem is, when i download my drivers from acer i get a message that says “acer needs a driver to be installed on my system.” i then download it, and when i go to install it, nothing happens. my driver file is still in the package and when i go and look in the folder it says it is there. i know there is a problem with the driver because the network card is not working properly. please help, i need my wireless adapter to work. if i do not get this working it will be impossible for me to study for finals. 5ec8ef588b

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