Radio Lab Tool !!HOT!! 📁

Radio Lab Tool !!HOT!! 📁

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Radio Lab Tool

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[FULL] Descargar Gratis Blackberry Radio Lab Tool
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Meaning of ‘at the end of one’s tether’

There was a situation in a movie wherein there was a body in a car, and it was asked in court, as to how is he lying there, whether he is dead or not.

He is at the end of his tether.


I’m afraid that I can’t help with the movie example. The phrase is difficult to explain because it is a bit more than a simple idiom. It suggests that a person’s last word, last ounce of energy has gone, and because he is now exhausted he is at the end of his tether. “At the end of his tether” is used to describe someone who is really unhappy about something.

at the end of his tether, upset; “The dog had gone over to the end of its tether when it lost its temper”

The phrasal verb to be at the end of ones tether means to be completely exhausted.

to be completely exhausted


To put it simply

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