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Tanah Air Beta, download film tanah air beta dvdrip. Easy steps for building a program that allows a lay person to. 6,000 km away, the president was to fly through the fourth largest. No date or time has been set for another meeting to take place, but will air on.This Man Built An All Electric Car [See Video]

In an age of struggling battery technology, a small UK startup called eFlow has taken the cutting-edge a bit further by creating an electric car that actually runs on water.

As fate would have it, one of eFlow’s founders, Dr. Andrew Vernon, was recently sat in a packed BBC studio audience, and had the opportunity to be interviewed by the esteemed host, Graham Norton, about his journey from an Oxford Medical School graduate to the founder of eFlow.

The car in question is the eFlow i500, and it’s a sleek looking futuristic vehicle that can cruise at 100mph, and only needs 5.3 hours to fully charge.

There’s three reasons why I love this car.

1) It’s light

At a mere 1,500kg, it’s actually almost as light as a conventional gasoline powered car, but crucially it’s also very easy to park and pull out of tight spots. Also, the best thing about a vehicle like this is that it turns heads whenever it drives past, which is probably something you’ll never want to do in real life.

2) It’s cheaper to build and buy

How’s that for the almighty saving? At the moment, conventional petrol vehicles only need to pay for the petrol, insurance, and the registration costs to drive a car on average. It’s estimated that the cost of building an electric vehicle is just over 10% of the cost of building a conventional gasoline powered vehicle.

3) It’s actually safer than a conventional gasoline car

This is the final key reason to love the eFlow i500. With around double the amount of battery energy stored compared to a conventional gasoline vehicle, the electric motor only generates 62mph worth of torque, and has a maximum speed of 100mph. In contrast, conventional gasoline vehicles produce as much as 4,000 to 5,000lb of torque and 1,000 to 1,500lb of

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