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Name Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA – Elixir Set 3
Publisher celkas
Format File
Rating 4.72 / 5 ( 9026 votes )
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The game was developed for the Oculus Rift by the company THÜRINGER.
THÜRINGER also developed VR cinema classics such as „The Passage“ and „The Vanishing of Katharina Thalberg“.
For the 360° virtual reality experience Ballavita is presenting the technical features of the Oculus Rift combined with technologies such as dynamic 360°-stereo rendering, a real-time virtual camera with 360° rotation, advanced UV-based texture mapping and an advanced physics engine.
From the technical development to the cinematography the team behind Ballavita invested a lot of effort to ensure that the atmosphere of the game felt as natural as possible. The studio that shot the movie is an expert in 360° direction photography, and worked with the camera team that went to great lengths to achieve the 360°-degree shots in the most believable way.
The sound design was done by Alan Navas, who has also worked on the soundtrack for the film “The Vanishing of Katharina Thalberg” and who is one of the best producers of ambient sound in the world.
More Information:
Ballavita Official Website:
The Ballavita – Google Play:
The Ballavita – AppStore:
Animated imagery:
For more content and travel inspiration you can follow Artbound on all platforms:


Ys VIII: Lacrimosa Of DANA – Elixir Set 3 Features Key:

  • You have to eat up the candies before they all disappear!
  • Created for everyone.
    No system restriction!
  • Easy to play!
  • Would you ever get tired of this challenge?
    If the answer is yes,
    please add on demand!


Ys VIII: Lacrimosa Of DANA – Elixir Set 3 License Key [Updated]

“Set in a beautiful open world, you will earn all of the abilities that you need to become a tireless hunter of the monsters who haunt the night.”

Hunt on the go!
Monster legends come to life!

When dawn breaks, you will be ready to take on the monsters. You will earn all of the abilities that you need to become a tireless hunter of the monsters who haunt the night. Play at your own pace, focus on what you need and avoid unnecessary activities. Customize your character as you see fit, collecting and leveling up hundreds of gear items and abilities.

Your journey will be full of discoveries. Throughout the journey, you will be able to explore large open worlds, exotic locations, and villages. You will discover the largest land of the void, you will meet unbelievable NPCs, and you will run into other friendly hunters who are there to help. But beware, they might just eat you!

As your armor and weapons degrade over time, they will look terrible. You will have to replenish your armor and weapons from vendors if you want to look attractive. You will also be able to earn money from defeating monsters. This can be spent at the shops to learn more about your gear, or at the gaming house to access exclusive and rare items.

Searching for monsters is fun and challenging. Keep an eye on your HP as fighting these monsters will drain your energy. If you run out, well, then it’s time for a break. When you have restored energy, you can choose to have a drink to refill your energy, interact with the friendly locals, or even explore the area.

See this world through your enemies eyes. Look out for every single detail. Don’t be afraid to fall in love with this world. It’s not just for adventurers. You can use this to enjoy the music, videos, movies, and games.

If you love monster games, you will not be disappointed. You will experience extreme battles in amazing worlds. You will find fun everywhere and in everything. You will fall in love with this game and never want to stop playing it. So go out, get lost in a world, and get ready to kill!


– Hand-drawn 2D graphics
– Over 300 items and abilities
– Enemies are tough but fun to play against
– Nine different weapons to choose from with various upgrades
– Get attached to your gear as it decays


Ys VIII: Lacrimosa Of DANA – Elixir Set 3 Crack + (LifeTime) Activation Code

This pack of extras includes:The Spinnortality soundtrack, remixed a little by the composer.Scans of my handwritten notes while making the game, from its initial conception (and list of potential names) to marketing and final tweaks. (English only.)”But what does it mean?: inspirations and motivations behind Spinnortality”, a short document explaining the game’s inspirations, and its theoretical underpinnings. (English only.)To find the documents:1. Right click on “Spinnortality” in your steam library.2. Select “Properties”.3. Click the “Local Files” tab.4. Click “Browse local files”.5. Open “Documentation”.Track list:1. Spinnortality Theme (2:24)2. Repetition and Noise (4:36)3. Control (2:44)4. Grand Designs (2:31)5. Hibiscus (2:31)6. Vorwaerts (3:27)7. A Ringing (2:47)8. Canals (3:21)9. A Tape in the Sea (3:44)10. Cyber Slow (3:30)11. Gray Day (3:55)

Note: ‘Cyber Slow’ is an unfinished version. It has some problems:1. It’s possible to jump out of the game.2. Music sometimes plays twice. (The first note can play twice.)3. The manual (English only.)

Note: This is a demo version of Spinnortality. (I also make it for people that wants to try Spinnortality but does not have a ready PC.) Gamepad: It’s fully playable. Gamepads that are connected to the computer can also be connected to the game (so there is no need for USB).

Unfortunately I will not be able to add more things to this pack. I will add a later version, when I have more time. So please forgive me for any omission. This version is released under the Creative Commons License Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported. This means that you are free to do what you want with this. You can put the game on your blog, on your website, on YouTube, make a commercial product, release a commercial product, etc. You can even make money out of this (if you want to) without giving me a single cent. (There is a Freeneyist video about


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