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Camera Obscura is a retro-styled, visual novel set in a digital retro-future city, Retro City (formerly L.A. Noire). The game tells the story of nine characters whose lives intersect as they investigate a murder that occurred in the city’s caverns, a lost and supernatural set of caverns where the city functions. Camera Obscura brings together more influences than you could shake a stick at: retro-futuristic cities, 1970s detective films, character studies of the 70s and 80s, paranormal investigations, and more. What’s Included     The game contains 56 minutes of music in MP3 format, including: – Two original, alternate versions of the game’s opening track, “Voila” – Five tracks from the game’s original soundtrack – Nine tracks from the Camera Obscura Soundtrack – Four tracks from the Camera Obscura Piano Arrangements Bonus Track Pack – Three bonus soundtracks: “Extra Cutscene Track”, “Full Installation Music Track”, and “Soundtrack Completion Track” – One of our own bonus commentaries: “Conception of Each Track” As a bonus, we have also included two of the game’s original bonus track sets: – The “Bonus Track Set 1” – All nine tracks from the original DLC soundtrack that was only released on Xbox Please note that you must already own the Camera Obscura soundtrack before installing this package to get the bonus tracks! Recommended Requirements – The current install size of Camera Obscura is 160.3 MB, including both the music and the gameplay. – As of the release of Camera Obscura, the install size of the Camera Obscura is slightly larger than the XBLA version of the game. – The current install size of Camera Obscura Piano Arrangements Bonus Track Pack is 230.8 MB, including all of the tracks. – For the best experience when installing the Camera Obscura Piano Arrangements Bonus Track Pack, we recommend having at least 2GB of RAM. The 16-bit music used in Camera Obscura has a high amount of sample-based audio, which means your system needs enough RAM to handle these audio files. Additionally, we recommend having at least 10GB of free space on your hard drive, as the soundtrack is a hefty soundtrack.


Features Key:

  • Build your own battles.
  • Locate battles on a map. You can draw the shape of a battle and cut out sections of that map to use as battles.
  • Save and edit your battles.
  • Battles have an effect area that ranges from 7 to 14 square kilometers. A section of a map in the “effect area” of a battle can be used once per day.
  • Color and size of battle markers.
  • Battle map data summary


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My name is Jonas, and I’m the artist and creator of THE ANOMALY. I like to imagine this game as an ‘arcade adventure’, but with a beautifully stylised and adapted visual aesthetic. As I’m developing the game, I’m going to add more content and features as I go. The long term goal is to make this game a vibrant, unique and interactive experience. It’s a free to play 2 player competitive d-class based ‘escape room’. The board will be found throughout the SCP Foundation, and there will be several worlds and organisations to be discovered. Players will need to establish relationships with certain SCPs to achieve their goals. THE ANOMALY is a labour of love, with many factors contributing to the development of the game. A large percentage of the development has been done by myself, with help from a few friends and family. If you like the game please keep an eye on the updates section of this page to see the latest versions of the game. I’ll be keeping an eye on this as well for any updates and bugs that you encounter. Thanks for checking out the game and for taking a look at my small piece of art and music. View the game on Steam: Features: The mysterious origin of this dimension Anomalous threats Player controlled allies Multiple world types Evidence to gain Collectible objects Customisation Ammunition reloads Puzzle mechanics Animated maps Mechanics that change as the game is played No content has been added to the game yet. I am working on a game title called ‘The Anomaly: Genesis’ and I am looking for some beta testers. The game is a Sci-Fi rpg like modern day Dark Souls. The aim is to take your character from zero to hero in a quest to save the world. What can you do in the game? Explore a large map and discover items and upgrades to increase your character. Fight against enemies from other dimensions. Dodge attacks and traps. Escort other characters. Maintain your equipment and manage your inventory. Budget your resources wisely. There will be three difficulty settings and an endless mode. I am looking for testers who have time and are willing to help out. I c9d1549cdd


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An evaluation of the very best things about being a Cricket Captain is that most people miss the fact that this is, quite simply, a team sport.For those who think otherwise, it is time to get over your illusions and understand the true character of a good Cricket Captain. I am going to offer my reader my true thoughts, feelings and emotions about this particular job.I know that the job of a captain is perhaps a contentious one, with people on both sides claiming their approach to this part of the game is the best, but to my mind, there are no instances of one being better than another.In fact the best approach to the job comes from a balanced knowledge and understanding of all the essential parts of the game. The best captains are those who can assess their position in a team, work on their strengths, and use their understanding of the game to put things right. For me, it’s a combination of experience, talent, personality, grit and leadership, all of which take you so far, but a more balanced approach is required.So, in this post, I will offer my own opinions on a few aspects of the job. Who are the best captains, by the way, are the captains who get the best out of their players. In other words, the best leaders, not just for their own team but for the game in general, are those who can inspire others to perform better than they might perform otherwise. In fact, even the best teams are missing this component. The best captains also need a certain level of confidence in themselves and their capabilities. They need to be unselfish, not obsessed with their own ego. They also need to appreciate that the job of captain is ultimately the job of managing a team that is more complex than any individual player. The leadership of a team is never about one man’s opinions.There are many other posts in this series, so make sure you check them out. FixturesTheCricketerGameplay Cricket Captain 2019: A competitive team needs to play the right kind of cricket, and a good Cricket Captain needs to manage this. Sure, he may have certain favourites or concepts that he applies, but he needs to be receptive to the role, open to the changing game, and to expect the unexpected.So, for my edition of Headingley, we had to play some very boring, seemingly non-competitive, cricket. Why did we play this way? Because we needed to make sure we played a realistic game.This game


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