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Logan and Eliza are 20-somethings, trying to build a life after the world’s end. Logan is a struggling actor, hoping to revive his career. Eliza is a struggling waitress, hoping to save enough money to move out of her parents’ home. Their lives take an unexpected turn when they fall in love, and they are forced to navigate the possibilities and perils of a real relationship.
Every choice they make will affect their world and the people they know. In order to stay together, they must become closer. But life in the After has also brought out the worst in them. Eliza is increasingly psychotic and increasingly violent. Logan is caring less and less about his career. Their relationship becomes a balancing act of new expectations, higher hopes and increasing compromise. As they struggle, they form new friendships, old family ties and new relationships that will either push them closer to the edge, or make it easier for them to reach over.
• Choose Your Destiny. In the event of the world’s end, will you be the hero or the villain? Will you end up a wealthy, rock-star art collector or a famous Hollywood star? What about the people you love? You get to decide their fate.
• Become a Better Man. Watch your loved ones turn into lost souls. Take advantage of their weakness. Allow yourself to suffer. Chase the thrill of the forbidden. And get on with your life.
• Play With Friends. Need a pick-me-up? Find a way to connect with your friends. Relive their triumphs and cheer them on. Help a stranger, and see your friend’s world look brighter.
• Experience the Universe. Create your own version of the After, complete with temples and shrines, digital graffiti and radically altered DNA. You can earn achievements and unlock special loot.
Key Features:
-Become A Better Man: Find yourself face to face with your worst enemy and take advantage of your loved ones’ weakness.
-Explore The World: Experience the After as a digital playground, complete with temples and shrines, digital graffiti and radically altered DNA.
-Choose Your Destiny: In the event of the world’s end, will you be the hero or the villain? Will you end up a wealthy, rock-star art collector or a famous Hollywood star?
-Connect With Friends: Need a pick-me-up? Find a way to connect with your friends. Relive their triumphs and cheer them on


Features Key:

  • Get the complete FSX Steam Edition: Revolution-X experience with all add-ons and the full content addition, as the Revolution-X expansion pack is now available at the Steam store.
  • Upgraded high quality textures and models
  • *Windows 8 support:* The game will be available as a universal Windows 8 app on Steam, start playing on Windows 8 on a touchscreen device!


  • Superbly refined renderer
  • All new Post Processing Effects
  • High Definition Open World scenery with incredibly detailed 3D models and the latest DirectX 11 graphics features
  • Full compatibility with major FSX and Prepar3D™ add-ons including Prepar3D v2, Prepar3D v4, and Prepar3D v5.0. FSX v2.5.3 and v2.6.4 are supported but will not install
  • Use Squad to save time and money!
  • FSX Steam Edition also supports Windows 7 64-bit


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“The Science works, and it’s beautiful.” – The Verge
“Universe Sandbox is easily one of the best ways to sink hours into the galaxy.” – DigitalTrends
“A blazingly beautiful interstellar universe sandbox for everyone.” – PC Gamer
Game Features
A modern physics engine and new features make Universe Sandbox the best way to simulate the physical world.
New Features
– Add a planet or a star, then spruce it up with moons, rings, comets, or even a black hole.
– Model Earth’s Climate; change the tilt and watch the seasons change. Or move the Earth farther from the Sun and freeze the entire planet.
– Play on steam.org to share and explore other people’s simulations.
– Symmetry: can you send a solar sail to the other side of the universe, or explore a black hole on the other side of the solar system?
– Spatial Tilt: Change the tilt of the Earth, get snow on the poles, even plant a tree.
– Solar Power: use the Sun’s energy to simulate solar flares, drive a star’s eruption, or power a space probe.
– Pulsars: It might be a neutron star, but it still pulses.
– Material Systems: build planets out of Hydrogen, Iron, Rock, and Water, then polish it up to make diamonds. Create realistic craters using glazed materials.
– Exoplanets: Find habitable exoplanets using the habitable zone.
– Supernova: A supernova is the explosive death of a massive star. It may leave behind a pulsar that still pulses. Watch as a star dies and becomes a black hole.
– Pulsars: Get sucked into a pulsar for a glimpse into the death of a star, or watch your body-shadow wander off.
– Astronomy! Explore the Solar System!
– Play the official soundtrack, composed by Macoubre.
Key Features:
– Leave your mark on the stars with a crater, or build a black hole, or kill a star and watch it go supernova.
– Blow the dust off your simulation with matter streams and a black hole.
– Explore the Solar System and find habitable exoplanets using the habitable zone.
– Stare into the night sky or look up in the sky and keep watch of the stars, planets, and moons in the sky to watch their evolution.
– Explore the Universe: fast



“A Forgetful Loop” is a time-based puzzle game, in which you have to move the clock from “0” to the number “19” at the end of the loop. There are a total of 28 graphs, each with its own clock. There are four different clocks. The main one changes the numbers with each subsequent game time. The other three count up from zero to 19 with a subsequent game time – the second changes zero to 19 at the end of the game, the third zero to 19 at game play start and the fourth zero to 19 at game start.
As you can guess, this means that the most important node at the end of the game will not be the node you start with. In fact, the most important node in the whole game is the graph with 19 as its clock number. You will, however, be looking for the graphs with 17 and 20 as their clocks.
These nodes are the ones that will help you get to “19” at the end of the loop with as little time as possible.
The actual graphs in the game are not random. Not even close. They are designed so that it is extremely hard to get to “19” at the end of the loop by just going through the nodes at random. Instead, you need to carefully select nodes that are useful at the right times.
At the start of the game you can select the very first node and save yourself almost an hour. After you select a node you can’t select anymore nodes from the active list of nodes.
The “A Forgetful Loop” time-based puzzle game is about moving the clock from “0” to “19” at the end of the loop. The nodes in “A Forgetful Loop” should be used to ensure that the game ends with “19” and as little time as possible.
The clock in “A Forgetful Loop” is initially “0”. With each game time the clock changes. So if you want to know the time remaining at the end of the game, you need to know the clock number at the end of the game. If you don’t, you have no idea how much time is left in the game.
When the clock is “19” the game ends. But at this point your choice of nodes is not the end of the game. The game will restart and the clock will start at “0”.
How to Play:
As a little introduction, here are the instructions how to play “A Forgetful Loop”:


What’s new:

Knight Adventure is a mid-1980s computer adventure game developed by Belmont Software and released by Microsoft for the ZX Spectrum. The game follows a character named the Knight as he travels through different worlds by collecting jewels and avoiding hazards. Knight Adventure was the subject of a successful 1982 promotional campaign by leading British newspapers including The Daily Mail. The game was acquired as part of the Microsoft UK Games Collection for Windows on November 1, 2015.

The game was written by the Thornsoft game development team headed by Nigel Williams. The team, which also contributed to 1983’s Flight Simulator for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, was given free rein by management to create a title “good enough to be the actual pilot” which was chosen to be Knight Adventure. Team member Steve Martin commented on “working for free” for the game by saying that the development of the game made the team “feel very good in the end”.

Knight Adventure is a platform game with elements common to many other games of the era. It was the last of three non-ZX Spectrum games developed by Belmont, following The Journeyman Project in 1982 and The Monkey Game the year before. The game was written in a style similar to that of the 1980 game Jaleco’s Dig Dug, with Williams citing the utilisation of this as inspiration for the game. As with most of the games from the team, the graphics are based on straight lines with flat colours and, according to Williams, “are very angular and very primary colours”. The music was conceived by Martin, using sounds from the ZX Spectrum’s built-in sound chip.

The game is credited as having a large effect on the Australian game development scene. A press agent who met Martin in Melbourne presented an outline to game developers of the game and it led to the formation of leading Australian game developer Milestone. Knight Adventure gained the attention of Microsoft, who secured a licence to the rights of the game in the United States and who published a number of other games using Williams’ Kickstarter campaign profits, primarily the games Monkey 1-3.


Knight Adventure is set in a 3D world. The player controls an image of a knight named the Knight, who moves along a wooden track in order to progress through the game. The game starts on a “dragon ship”, which rises off a long wooden walkway. During the game, the player will collect jewels called Orbts as they are randomly generated throughout the levels. The Knight may also encounter a variety of obstacles or enemies,


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Dragon Kingdom War is a brand new action RPG with fantasy elements. With extraordinary graphics and revolutionary arcade based battle system, Dragon Kingdom War brings unparalleled RPG experience to both computer and Nintendo Game Boy Advance systems. You will embark on an exciting quest to become the Dragon Queen and free the soul of your Kingdom and your friends from the clutches of the evil Dragon King.
Key Features:
-Cradle of War System – The cradle of war system is the foundation of Dragon Kingdom War game. When you run and attack, your character will enter the battle state of “Cradle of War”, which means your character will defend himself automatically to avoid getting hit and damage. In “Cradle of War”, your character will take bonus damage and lose his special abilities, so use it wisely.
-Battle Engine – The battle engine is the heart and soul of Dragon Kingdom War game. According to your statistics, your character’s battle strength and attack skills of special attack will increase with experience. Meanwhile, the level of your character’s equipment, skills, and battle strenghts will also increase. This “Cradle of War” transformation of character gives you the opportunity to experience the fun of RPG.PECULIARITIES OF MANAGEMENT OF LUNG TUMORS IN A HEMOPHILIC CASE OF HEAVY METAL EXPOSURE.
Heavy metal poisoning lead to multiple organ involvements including lung. Lung tumors are uncommon in heavy metal poisoning. When they are diagnosed as malignant, they are aggressive. There have been no reports about lung tumors in heavy metal poisoning. We report a case of lung tumor found in a 52-year-old woman who was exposed to heavy metals because of hemophilia. A thoracic tumor as the cause of pain in the left upper abdomen was found in computed tomography. With the diagnosis of lung cancer, left upper lobectomy was performed. Histology showed a mixed small cell carcinoma. The patient recovered well after surgery.Q:

Creating an custom object that isn’t a function

const myMethod = (bar) => {


when I do const myMethod = () => {bar} then I get an error.
If I do myMethod(3) it works, but I want to be able to just do myMethod.
What should myMethod be if it isn’t a function? I found this:


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  • Evidence for a functional link between the Cdc28-Rb pathway and the switch to filamentous cell growth in Candida albicans.
    It has been shown that inactivation of the Rb gene but not the Sic1 gene in a Saccharomyces cerevisiae Rb disruptant maintained a vegetatively competent state and supported filamentous growth. This result suggests an indirect involvement of the Cdc28-Rb pathway in filamentous growth of yeast cells. Here we report that the morphology of Candida albicans cells including pathogenicity strongly depended on the presence of Cdc28. Null mutation of the CDC28 gene led to the same phenotype as that observed upon inactivation of the Rb but not the Sic1 gene in Rb-deleted strains. Time-lapse microscopy showed that the adhesion and biofilm formation of C. albicans were severely compromised in the absence of Cdc28. Furthermore, the Rb and the Sic1 gene functionally complement the loss of CDC28. Live cell imaging showed a defect in filamentation in CDC28-deleted strains. The induction of filamentation in response to serum was also abnormal in the CDC28-deleted strain. In contrast to the cdc14-dependent inactivation of cAMP metabolism in budding cells, hyperphosphorylation of the protein kinase Cdc28 was a prerequisite for filamentous growth in C. albicans. In conclusion, the Cdc28-Rb pathway links the maintenance of cell cycle arrest with the switch to filamentous growth in C. albicans.The goal of this research is to develop a comprehensive clinical course of normal psychological development for a non- Caucasian population (a British Asian population). This goal is informed by previous research with culturally diverse populations and consideration of both developmental and familial factors often shown in multicultural societies. The proposed research will interact with a previous NIH- funded intervention study of anorexia nervosa (3 F64-Anorexia Recovery) in order to review, critique, critique, and enhance. The research will be conducted in England by one of the applicants who has demonstrated her ability to build and lead culturally diverse research collaborations.



    System Requirements:

    3.8 GHz processor
    4 GB RAM
    1024 MB VRAM
    DirectX 11 graphics processor with WDDM 1.2 or better
    Windows Vista or later
    Full list of system requirements.
    We have something special in store for all of you lucky people who have pre-purchased the limited edition Lunar New Year Edition of Lightning Returns: The Animation. Check it out below:
    – A special Lunar New Year song
    – A picture of the original Lightning Returns: The Final Chapter composer


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