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How much would you like to contribute to the development of this game? We are always looking for more support, and any amount you choose to donate would be so very much appreciated by us.

Donating to Steam is easy, and you can do it instantly from your Steam Library. Simply visit the Steam Community Portal and then click on the ‘Look for Content You Want to Support’ button in the top right corner.

Directly from your Steam account, you can also set up a Paypal payment account to make payments, or more simply you can use your credit card! If you are using Paypal, please make sure to fill in your email and we’ll contact you via email!

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We try to make sure we update this game as soon as possible with new content, bugs, updates, fixes and changes.

* All content in this download is non-exclusive for current owners of the original game and we make no guarantee that this content will be available to future owners.

This DLC has a 20% off discount code available for current owners of the original game, which means you can receive our content with a 20% discount for $7.60 instead of $10.40.

This DLC contains 2 new maps, 3 new weapons, 3 new items and 2 new achievements. When the content is purchased, the map and weapon names will be replaced with ‘NLT’ for example ‘NLT Fixed Gear Full Jacket’ and ‘NLT Fixed Gear Pistol’.

You do not need to own the original Petals of the Star DLC in order to activate this DLC, however you will need to own Petals of the Star in order to unlock the new content.

This DLC was created and is hosted by Dance of Nightfall on behalf of Bloody Roar.

How to use – Simply make sure you have the game ‘Petals of the Star’ installed then double-click on the shortcut icon below.

Important – We advise that you backup your game prior to using this DLC, as we cannot take any responsibility for any game corruption caused by using this DLC.

Our support is currently limited to English language support only and no further languages will be added unless the game updates to support them.

Changes in 1.1 Update

Added support for the following language (which is a


Features Key:

  • Worldwide contest of trivia knowledge. Anywhere.
  • 30 languages supported.
  • One of the most fun local multiplayer experiences on the PlayStation.
  • Play against 15 countries and regions to win up to $5,000 cash.
  • All players are a part of the Slant Nation and present contestants are top gamers who have created a digital global knowledgebase. Each player’s knowledge is represented as a one dimensional bar and the players are matched face to face with just one other contestant.

    Players earn cash for every correct answer they answer and the cash difference between their own finish times and their opponent’s is the money they will be playing for. 3 winners will compete in the Final World Trivia Tour Finals in Los Angeles, CA to win up to $5,000 cash, the Grand Prize Prize in the $5,000 lottery.

    In addition to the cash, the winning contestant will be crowned the World’s Knowledge Champion for a limited time and will be invited to become a worldwide ambassador, representing the newest outpost on the Slant Nation. For example, if Jonny is crowned the World’s Knowledge Champion, he will be invited to become a representative of “Team Beta” at the world headquarters in San Francisco, CA. He will then be sent across the country to conduct speaking engagements, tour major accounts and inspire new ideas for Slant.

    You can find out more on the site,, on the


    Horse Shelter 2022 Crack Free [32|64bit] [Latest-2022]

    Super Space Pug is a retro space shmup made for all your NES and SNES needs, while also providing a challenge to the experienced player. We have tweaked the game extensively to bring you a more comfortable, experienced arcade game.
    – Use your super third eye to dodge bullets and destroy them as they fly by your avatar.
    – Monsters, false floors and warp gates. Make sure you know which floor to land on in order to escape each floor.
    – Game starts slowly, but the difficulty ramps up as you go.
    – On attack, hover over ground until your enemy takes damage.
    – Unlock new weapons and power-ups with skill, timing and good old-fashioned luck.
    – Community voted monthly or bi-weekly power ups.
    – Share the game with your friends and other followers.
    – Never-ending content:
    We are still adding new content and new features to the game! Check out our development page to see what’s coming next!
    Key features:
    – Play against your friends, and against the world in the all new competitive leaderboards.
    – Beat your friends on the leaderboards by working together and using the community-voted powers.
    – Switch difficulty levels (easy, medium, hard).
    – Various level designs, including modifiable levels (obstacles, floors)
    – Unlock the second secret ending.
    – Experience the game in a small window for Android!
    – Game center play
    – Cloud save/game history
    – Play on handheld devices
    – Supports MFi controllers
    Additional Notes:
    – This game is free to play, however some extra features require players to make an in-app purchase.

    It’s a Space/Arms/Shooter hybrid. The classic arcade shooter (80s/90s style) is combined with space shmup gameplay and retro controls. You can move around but your movement speed is limited. Use your thrusters to slow down, attack or even boost your movement speed. Try to dodge bullets, dodge extra moves and attacks.
    Update: Version 1.0.2 fixes some minor bugs and adds three new endings.
    Update: Version 1.1.0 improves game stability and removes some hidden modes to make the game more challenging.
    Included are more weapons, extra life and some new weapons and powerups.
    Update: Version 1.2.0 fixes some minor bugs and adds the Gold ending.



    Horse Shelter 2022

    Instantly Downloadable Game “Train Simulator: Fife Circle Line: Edinburgh – Dunfermline Route Add-On” (9.3 Mb)
    “Train Simulator: Fife Circle Line: Edinburgh – Dunfermline Route” is a route add-on for the game Train Simulator 2018. It is a collection of train services on the Fife Circle Line, including new routes, stations, scenery and objects. It contains the following routes:
    Circle Line Edinburgh – Dunfermline Edinburgh Edinburgh Dunfermline Kirkcaldy Dunfermline Kincardine Dunfermline Crieff Kirkcaldy Maud Dock.

    SCENARIO LABELSIn-game scenario labels are shown on the top-right of the map. All scenarios appear to be written by a professional and are a very accurate representation of the content inside.We aim to ensure that scenario descriptions represent the content inside the game, but occasionally scenarios on the workshop may also differ slightly from their Steam counterpart. We are also not responsible for any changes the Workshop scenarios receive once published to Steam.

    CONTENT WARNINGSCertain areas on the map can be extremely hazardous due to the nature of the content inside of the game. These locations are marked as such and if you enter such a location it is highly recommended to purchase Train Simulator 2018: Fife Circle Line before entering this location. This title is not designed for use by children under the age of 18.

    Is your neighbourhood unsafe? The Enhanced Edition for Train Simulator 2018 will bring with it many new features and unique vehicles, as well as a smaller download size of 1.1 GB.

    Why should you upgrade? With the new features and additions, why not purchase the Enhanced Edition to experience it in the best way. This package also contains new features, gameplay improvements and unique vehicles as well as the same great content found in the base game.

    What’s New? With enhanced and new content, the Enhanced Edition brings with it many new features and unique vehicles. In addition, the new features may be incompatible with the base game.

    TOU’s & Restrictions: Requires base game Train Simulator: 2018. Disconnect all other games whilst playing Train Simulator: Enhanced Edition. To connect to other non-Train Simulator games, please uninstall Train Simulator: Enhanced Edition before connecting to other games.If you experience problems, please uninstall all Train Simulator: 2018 and other non-Train Simulator games, unzip the downloaded files


    What’s new:

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