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• Play in 3v3 vs. Multiplayer, or you can go solo and play with your friends!
• An 8-bit style futuristic retro cartoon inspired game
• A stunning, hand drawn pixel art game
• Features a ton of challenges, challenges that include the most otter and I mean, who didn’t love the otter, right?
• 8 different worlds to master with unique controls, environments and challenges
• Unlock skins and gear to customise your otters
• Play a variety of games including Survivor, Score Attack, Knock Out, Capture the Flag, Alien Dash and more!
• Play locally or online, with up to 4 player split screen play
• Watch your team mates progress and level up as you fight your way to victory!
• Use your skills to defeat dangerous hazards (lasers, missiles, moving objects and more)
• Play on your own or with your friends!
PS4 Gamers can sign-up for free, they also have a gaming hotline where you can leave a voicemail to receive a 15 minute, one-on-one game play session with a developer. Find out more here

The Otterman Empire is free to play and supports controllers, but contains ‘in-app purchases’ to improve your experience.
For full details and further information please read our Privacy Policy and the End User License Agreement (EULA) below.

Otterman Empire Privacy Policy
The Otterman Empire operates in the UK and offers free play but also offers optional in-app purchases or virtual items that may be purchased with real currency. These items may include boosts to give you an advantage in the game, as well as virtual currency to spend in the Otterman Empire games.
The Otterman Empire has a reason to use the information that it collects about you. It is to collect information about your gameplay experience and to improve the Otterman Empire games for you.
Your privacy is of the utmost importance to The Otterman Empire.
We may collect and use the following information about you:
1) Information that you provide by filling in forms on our site or by corresponding with us by phone, e-mail or otherwise;
2) The IP address used to connect your computer to the Internet;
3) Information collected through cookies and pixel tags; and
4) The information you


Features Key:

  • Striker has a unique shaolin kung fu
  • 3 powerful elemental lines
  • Racing game style


Europa Universalis IV: Songs Of Yuletide Crack + Keygen Full Version [32|64bit]

SOTR – Shmup, which is a term used to define a generic “shooting” game, is a new and exciting game based on a platform. Shoot your way through enemies and collect all the gold they leave behind. The game has 8 different levels in all, each a short and exciting challenge for the senses.

The main feature is that you can play the game with your friends in a multi-user fashion, helping each other to complete the game as a team. SOTR is made for all platforms as a game in progress, and will be finished as soon as possible.

SOTR – Shmup is a game that was developed from scratch with very basic graphics and limited play capacity, but the idea was to create something that would bring a new and exciting gaming experience to the multi-player field.

From the start, game developers have always been interested in how they can create this gaming experience and combine it with a multi-player environment that has not been made yet.

In the past, there have been many attempts to create multi-player games that involved actual interactions among players, but very few of them have been truly successful. The ones that are the best ones are those where you can see how each of the players contributes to the gaming experience, and where the user feels more connected to the game as a whole than to the individual player’s goals.

In many respects, this is what the SOTR platform offers. You are connected to the game, and what you do affects not only your own score, but also everyone’s score. Every time you shoot at one of the enemy, gold drops on the level, and that’s how your score is earned. Of course, the idea is to survive as long as possible, and once you win the game, that will earn you more points, making it easier to complete the game.

In many ways, SOTR – Shmup is more of an evolving platform than a finished product, and it is expected that it will evolve rapidly in the future, and that new features will be added. Hopefully, this new platform will unite all the millions of people that enjoy playing games together, and make them feel that they are part of something that is really valuable.

Game Features:

Multi-player capabilities, with no barriers for all the platforms

Customizable controls and a pause function

Different maps with different enemies and environments, as well


Europa Universalis IV: Songs Of Yuletide Free Download (Updated 2022)

Minigolf VR is the first Social VR game developed exclusively for current-gen VR hardware. Built exclusively for VR from day 1, MinigolfVR lets you play with friends, and experience a social gaming like never before!Featuring up to 4 player multiplayer, players can select from a range of courses with various mechanics, from boosters, to traps, to portals. Courses will feature global leaderboards, allowing players to compete internationally.Gameplay Minigolf VR:

Today’s top athletes compete at a world-class level using both land-based and synthetic equipment, such as racquets, shoes and balls. However, many organizations still have limited access to high-performance synthetic training equipment, and because the use of this technology by players is still quite limited, there are often difficulties in determining the most effective match settings.

…with the addition of the new and easy-to-use telemetry system.

Thanks to the Telemetry Device (TD) and a free VR telemetry app, VRCoG can provide detailed feedback in real time during a virtual match. TD features force/acceleration sensors with a resolution of 0.1 ms/div, strain sensors with a resolution of 0.1 %/div, an accelerometer with a resolution of 0.5 m/s2/div, a gyroscope with a resolution of 0.5 deg/s/div, and, lastly, a depth sensor with a resolution of 2 cm/div. While any VR player will benefit from VRCoG’s three levels of pre-match telemetry, individuals with reduced mobility will gain the most from having their VRCoG Telemetry Data sent to the off-site VRCoG Health and Safety Lab.


COVID-19 We are currently open. We are operating as normal as long as social distancing is enforced. For those with concerns, we have provided contact information for our team who are ensuring operations are at an effective level while following precautionary protocols.

We value your feedback on all aspects of our service, so feel free to email us directly to let us know what you think!

Minigolf VR is the first Social VR game developed exclusively for current-gen VR hardware. Built exclusively for VR from day 1, MinigolfVR lets you play with friends, and experience a social gaming like never before!Featuring up to 4 player multiplayer, players can select from a range of courses


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