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In the Age of Peace and Golden Times, everything is at a peak: there are no wars and suffering, no death and enemies.

Free Greek Version

The development of Ancient Greece was marked by the peaks of technological superiority, beauty and moral standards. The Ancient Greeks reached the top of their world:

– the discovery of the alphabet, the creation of its first writing system;
– the discovery of the first alphabet (Greece was first of all a Greek culture: learn how the first alphabets were made in detail and find out the history of the Greek civilization),
– the discovery of water-driven machines,
– the invention of the wheel and of the horse riding,
– the discovery of the five parts of the human body,
– the invention of medicine,
– the discovery of the invention of geometry;
– the construction of the first ships and land navigation,
– the discovery of science.

Plus, the Greeks were the first people who created philosophy and philosophy of life. They were known to be “the most generous people in the world”, the “gods of fighting”.

But with the coming of time, the age of peace and prosperity began to fade and the Ancient Greek Golden Age turned into a nightmare: the first traces of division appeared, division among Greeks and among Greeks themselves.

And now it’s time to go back to the Golden Ages of Ancient Greece: a time when the Greeks had a unique way of life; when they were united, without wars and divisions and with the highest moral standards.

The Casina Greek Artwork Collection is the result of a lot of hard work. A lot of times were spent in creating and refining every one of the artworks and every one of the scenes.

Get the best artworks from our designers: the drawings you see here and our long time Team of Artists at Neoclassic Games have taken many years to create. The artworks are available in highest quality: in Full HD Resolution, with full source quality and without any logos or watermarks.

The collection includes:

■ 30 Artworks;
■ 11 backgrounds;
■ 12 BGM Scenes;
■ 3 CG Scenes;
■ 1 Extra Scene;

We expect this Artwork Collection to be of great value to all our players, as well as the artists who worked on it.

Cheers and enjoy:



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    Attrition: Tactical Fronts has become the new cult of classic war games! Presenting its unique take on a turn-based, squad-focused infantry combat game, Attrition is the FASTEST combat game in existence. A revolutionary new concept that makes your character the frontline of the battle, move and tactic your way through the battlefield in an interactive suspenseful diorama. With Attrition, you shape the battlefield and the story of each intense and tense, infantry battle!

    Using our unique display technology, Attrition delivers spectacular and detailed battlefield maps that are perfectly suited to showcase your commanding hero in battle. Destroy our obstacles, capture our flags and use your friends to your advantage in tactical combat that features an X-factor, Non-Linear and highly detailised tactical combat system. Developed under a brand new brand and engine, Attrition is THE perfect platform for adventure games, this compact, arena-style combat game will push your multiplayer through the roof.

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    Mon, 19 Jul 2016 16:18:21 Z2016-07-19T16:18:21Z Tactical Fronts: Attrition: Tactical Fronts Game Key features:

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      Elteria Hunter Activation Code (2022)

      Rogue Contracts: Syndicate is a frantic, action-oriented 2.5D side-scrolling shooter with a unique setting that combines the best of cyberpunk and ninja.
      Set in a cyberpunk world, where advanced computer networking and artificial intelligence has augmented human capabilities, Rogue Contracts puts you in the role of a deadly hunter, working with a tactical support team that includes enhanced ninja, speeders, teleporters, and shooter support.
      A world of stainless steel and synthetic fibres. A world of cybernetics and biotech. A world of ultra-fast mercenary assassins.
      You’ll travel from town to town taking down criminal syndicates, battling ruthless enemies, and facing deadly boss battles.
      Develop your combat skills in training arenas where you can test them against your friends. It’ll be a great opportunity to show them who’s really got the best moves.
      Think fast, shoot fast.
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      Elteria Hunter With Key Free [Mac/Win] Latest

      A Huge World, But Still Familiar
      From high school student Kou Tokisaka, the world of Morimiya City opens up before you. This was a normal day for Kou; he’d gotten off the bus at the terminus on the northern side of town, before going to school.
      “Look Kou,” said his sister Rei. “I made a walking pouch for you. It will help you on your journey.” She’d crafted it from patterned cloth and cardboard. It was a simple thing, but to Kou, it was a precious gift. He promised to carry it with him as he explored the world of Morimiya City.
      “I’ve only made a few. I make them all the time,” she told him. “When you feel you’re at a lost, you can use it.”
      Kou took the bag from her, held it in his hands and inhaled its sweet smell.
      “I love you, Rei!” he said, and kissed her forehead.
      “Thank you, Kou. You’re my treasure.” She pulled back and smiled at him. Kou waved good bye to her and hopped on his bike. He pedaled off into the wind, heading towards school.
      The countryside opened up before him. Rice fields, dotted with country houses. He stopped and admired the view. The wind rustled the trees and the fields, sending a pleasant chill over him.
      Kou remembered his earlier promise to himself. If he had the time to spare, then he’d make his sister a whole new set of walking pouches.
      As he rode, he thought of his sister and her little, handmade things. He wondered if maybe he could make things a bit better for her. It’d make her happy, he knew. And that was something he always tried to do; make his family and friends happy.
      Kou pedaled a little faster. His heart was pounding, and a slight headache swam through his mind.
      When he was five years old, Kou had had a bad dream. During the night, he’d seen a giant tree crash down on his sister’s house. He’d woken in tears, and his mother had told him that was just a dream. He didn’t want to believe her, and the more his family tried to convince him, the more he clung to the things he’d seen in his dream.
      Hearing the sound of boughs snapping and leaves falling, Kou watched in horror as his beloved sister’s house


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