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Kestrel is a shoot ‘em up that has been inspired by the games I played as a kid. Easy to pick up and play, Kestrel is my attempt to make a game that the whole family can enjoy.
I worked on this game for about 10 months and have received nearly every kind of response when I uploaded it on Steam. I think I have a fairly good game that I’m proud of, so I decided to release it to the Steam community.
I am looking forward to your feedback and your support.
Music, Sound & SFX:
Build: $1899 | $1109 on Humble Store / Steam
Currently Selling on:
Humble Store –
Steam –

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Terms of Service (TOS):
What is a Spy?
Spies are highly trained people who can get information by finding out the truth or lie detecting; this includes information such as photos, videos, location, and health data. There are many ways to use the intelligence gathered by a spy and The Spy Parties team works with a select few spy agencies to provide the best experience for clients who demand the best intelligence gathering solutions or that they might be a potential future client.
For more information on how to be a Spy, and the list of all the different agencies and the roles played by them, visit

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In today’s video, I have an in-depth discussion with Christopher Lippard from The Spy Parties about Taser weapons! He talks about what they can do for law enforcement and the methods for buying Tasers or making them yourself.

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In today’s video, I have an in-depth discussion with Christopher Lippard from The Spy


Features Key:

  • Historic: An experience worthy of collecting.
  • Ghostly: Each experience includes a mysterious and terrifying anomaly.
  • Jump: Crunch through dimensional breach after dimensional breach.
  • Decay: Collect items to restore your life force and escape across dimensional membranes and into the underworld.
  • Sync: Co-op experiences with the best ghost…
  • In a place that’s dead as a doornail?
  • You and your friends are all going to die.
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    LSB _lang=uk Requires that the LSB file name is in the Windows ISO
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    Also, the webpage’s locale is changed to match the information
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    C_NAME Common ASCII letter names: 'ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz'


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    The Warhorn is a planned open world RPG with an RPG and a city building elements. Combining exploration, puzzle solving, building and crafting in a 2D isometric view with some 3D objects, you’ll plunge into the world of The Warhorn. You can travel around the world and explore the various biomes and their sub-biomes to discover secrets and fight exciting enemies.
    While the game has been designed with story-driven gamers in mind, this game can also be enjoyed by fans of the RPG or city building genres.
    [+] More info on The Warhorn is available at
    [+] Visit us on Facebook:
    [+] Follow us on Twitter:
    [+] Read the introduction blog at
    [+] Visit the website for The Warhorn at

    MVP/prototype game made in Unity
    We are looking for any feedback, critiques, reviews, bug reports or suggestions to help us improve our game and the overall experience for other people.
    A special thank you to our original concept creator who had been making this game since the beginning.
    – City Game with unique top-down view perspective
    – 3 different biomes: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter and Jungle
    – 5 unique sub-biomes per biome
    – Unique, whimsical art style
    – Adventure mode with puzzles and exploration
    – Open world
    – Good framerate
    – Standard post-processing effects like bloom, fog, bloom, and bloom and
    – Game design by Leonardo De Lise and Diego Romero Cuervo
    – Environment art by Carlos Abel Perez

    Let the war begin!
    In this city battle game you battle against those who tried to take over your city and eliminate you from the game. In the process of fighting, you will get access to different buildings and upgrade them as you progress. You will also have heroes that you can use to fight against the computer. You can use their abilities to help you take over the enemies or to assist you in capturing the flags. You will use the available tools to help you take over your city and eliminate all the enemies. The game features four different biomes that will have unique game mechanics. Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter


    Asterion [Mac/Win]

    ReviewsAn ancient civilisation built a labyrinth of tunnels, believing they’d be safe from the Earth’s deadly inhabitants…Alive Until Alive is a visual novel adventure game where you play as an assassin who is sent to infiltrate the cult’s hidden lair, based on the eerie, abandoned underground tunnel system of the notorious labyrinth of tunnels known as the Pit.Alive Until Alive is an open-ended 3rd person game where you play as a hitman or assassin that’s been sent into the dank underground tunnels to take down the cult.
    ReviewsDive into the sea.You are a mermaid that just got her first fish, and this is her chance to make some serious money. While it sounds easy, it’s actually more like an addicting puzzle game that isn’t as easy as it seems.A Hat in Time is a platforming game in the world of board games. As a character named Hat, you must make your way through an eclectic board game dungeon populated by board game monsters, like Jousting Pins, Chess Droids, and much more. Using both your agility and the help of some friends to help you make it through the game and through to the end.Unbluedo your way through the world.Blind Detective is a unique game. As one of two detectives, you must solve crimes while blindfolded, and it’s up to you to figure out who the real criminal is. Each case is different, so try and figure out who’s right, and who’s wrong, using the pictures, details and the information you can feel.Hot Game of the Week
    ReviewsFun Game of the Month
    92 IGNAnother planet. Another universe. Another world. Each of these terms apply to I’m Eve, a first-person game of exploration, scientific discovery, and charming dialogue. You play as Eve, an AI aboard the starship Nautilus, traveling the galaxy. Eve’s consciousness is housed in an avatar, and you learn about her as she meets, fights, explores, and makes choices as she journeys. Nowhere is off limits in I’m Eve. You’ll be traveling through space, visiting planets, exploring scientific exhibits, and so much more. Like the multiple planets and universes of Westworld, your ship may be the only thing that exists on I’m Eve’s universe. You can explore and visit nearly every part of this beautiful and bizarre new world, both above and below. I’m Eve has enough narrative and dialogue to fill your entire month with exploration and new experiences


    What’s new in Asterion:

    nareska Miljøpartiet De Grønne har bedt om å få øke bevilgningene til byggingen av kystnæring, som gjør brakkasjen. – Avstet er det som er den beste løsningen på dem også å øke bevilgningen, sier miljøforsker på Grimstad, Karin Mangseth, til BA. Foto: Skau / Illustrasjon: Liv Martinussen

    Mattilsynet: Jobber med å be folk ikke kjører bil på ski

    Øyfjord Næringskrets får 98 prosent av gass til Postboksbrann. Storstilet brannovn mot fjorden. Mattilsynets leder, Pål Rognlien, sier øyfjordene er med i kontakt med Molbrann, som jobber med både å stoppe folk som kjører bil på ski, og alt som kan skje når et skissverk tilbyr fjordnavnet på deres postboks.

    Oppdatert 3. mars 2020

    Artikkelen er over to år gammel

    – Bergssjøleddet øyfjorden er ulike i kjønn, etnisk eller grenseavtaler og etnisk somaliere legger seg på samme spor. Vi tenker på samfunnet i nærområdet og hva som skal til for å hindre at noen blir så skadd at de ikke kan køyre tilbake til hjemlandet, sier målforsker Aksel Halshaug ved NTNU.

    I april mottok Transportstyret en skriftlig sak hvor de ønsket å få høre Stortingets politiske partiene kommentere Sylvi Listhaugs tilsnakk til dem. Listhaug antydet Mattilsynets opptak av bilistene som skal godta utlevering av


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    Wrecked Destruction Simulator is an open-ended sandbox environment where you are given total creative freedom.
    No one tells you what to do.
    No one cares if you create a video game or an artwork project.
    Just make something!
    Feel like a God?
    Wreck the world around you.
    Create your own Wrecked Destruction Simulator and have fun.

    So I’ve been cleaning up the old files from the original alpha build but now that i’ve thrown out all the junk, my connection to internet has been going to hell, so I had to temporarily stop gaming.
    I now have a brand new net connection and I’m able to upload the “new” files to my PSN account,
    But my PS3 keeps telling me that it can’t download the game, and when I try to install the game to my hard drive, It won’t let me, I keep getting an error reading:
    “Cannot install file to that location”
    I get the same error when I try to install the game on my xbox 360
    There’s not much documentation on the net about this game, ive been reading something about the game being on a beta patch for the PS3, and deleting files or something for my xbox 360 to work but I’m not having much luck

    im hoping someone can help… my psn avatar isnt loading properly, and i cant change the name on it either. its not letting me change the name, and its not working on psn… the only thing is that the only text on it is “Whats up, im back again.”

    anyone who cant change their ps4 names needs help. this is a 1yr old game. i never made this account as im 15 but i made this account like 2 weeks ago or so. im having trouble with my avatars.

    I’ve had the game for a long time but I just installed it and couldn’t get my account to work. I deleted all my old files and now I can’t get it to work. It’s stuck on my family picture and I can’t change it. I’m using an older model PS3 with Windows 7. What do I do?

    I loved this game. It’s sad to say that I can’t play it anymore. My old PS3 doesn’t support it anymore. I can’t find my.mp4 files anywhere. And my xbox supports the game, but it isn’t working on it either. Any suggestions


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    • Just follow the instruction i.e. download the game to your PC


    System Requirements:

    Supported Video Cards:
    Will Work With:
    Benchmark Reviews:
    AVG 12.5 Video Benchmark
    AVG 3D Benchmark
    3DMark05 Benchmark
    3DMark06 Benchmark
    3DMark 07 Benchmark
    3DMark 08 Benchmark
    3DMark 09 Benchmark
    3DMark 10 Benchmark
    3DMark 11 Benchmark
    3DMark 12 Benchmark
    3DMark 13 Benchmark
    3DMark 14 Benchmark


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