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Name Sword of Fireheart – The Awakening Element
Publisher Admin
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Rating 4.57 / 5 ( 972 votes )
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A proud leader of his homeland, Noah Reesman has few enemies. But when he finds out that the CIA, with the help of a ruthless warlord, are planning to overthrow his government, he turns his deadly martial arts skills against them.
Martial Law features:
An exciting story with huge missions. Have fun and collect credits to unlock, new items and weapons and visit every animal you see in the game.
Fight against dozens of enemies and make use of the latest hi-tech military weapons, including laser guns and gatling guns.
A huge variety of fighting skills to master. Ensure your stealth, avoid enemy traps, freeze enemies, knock them out and even use deadly weapons to execute your opponents.
Special martial arts skills to master. Guillotine, tigerclaw, projectile attacks and a special new move, ‘the mother of all moves’ give your character his own fighting style.
Unlock: Hi-tech military weapons
An exciting story with huge missions. Start out as an average guy who wants to change the world. Live your dream, then become more powerful to help Noah change the world, destroy his enemies and face the fact that he is a national hero!
Game modes:
Story Mode – every time you play through the story your choices have consequences. Find out what happens to Noah and his family if you choose another path.
Time Attack – race against the clock to finish the game as fast as possible.
Single Player Campaign – the epic story with lots of missions.
Multiplayer – join up to 4 friends in a global dogfight
Puzzles – can you find the hidden objects that will help Noah escape the chaos of his life?
Quickplay – no guides, no manuals, just a simple game to enjoy.
Online play – versus your friends as you complete the puzzles together.
Unlockable content – discover a few secrets and collect items to uncover even more features.
Pre-rendered 3D graphics – play it online or on your PS3 hard drive!
Now you can take your martial arts skills on the road and visit exotic locations on your adventures. All of your achievements in the game and all animal species you have captured have been recorded and can be accessed through the mobile application on your mobile phone.
Enjoy your stay in Noah’s world and witness the story in a whole new light.Q:

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Sword Of Fireheart – The Awakening Element Features Key:

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  • Story: The story revolves around a boy, Jonathan. Owing to his ability to see the world with his eyes closed, he is given the nickname “Zen”. One day, Jonathan accidentally opens his eyes in a Zen museum by accident, and the very next, he falls into the hands of a magical western wizard who wants to make his wish come true: to become a beautiful male model, and appear in a ZEN magazine.

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Sword Of Fireheart – The Awakening Element Crack + Free

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“If you don’t know where it is, then how will they find it? Can you not help us, Garbarimost?”



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