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• 21 Original Original Music Tracks with Difficulty setting • 20 Original Music Tracks with “Easy Mode” • 9 Original Original Music Tracks with “Normal Mode” • 1 Original Original Music Track with “Impossible Mode” • 1 Original Original Music Track with “Extreme Mode” • 1 Original Original Music Track with “Impossible Mode” • 3 Themes for the X-Morph Defense Level Limiter (Level Limiter) • 3 Themes for the Armor Effect Line (Armor Line) • 2 Themes for the Armor Effect Line (Armor Display) • 7 Themes for the Journal • 7 Themes for the Enemies Character Screen • 15 Simple Themes • 1 Theme for the Side Navigation • 7 Themes for the Turn-Based Gallery • 12 Themes for the Arcade Gallery • 19 Themes for the Rare Gallery • 1 Theme for the Title Screen • 2 Themes for the UI Elements • 1 Theme for the Menu Music X-Morph: Defense is a game that will challenge you, test your reflexes and show you the beauty of creating a level-based shooter game. You will pilot a highly-advanced X-Morph to the battle, equipped with a state-of-the-art defense system, a wide array of weapons and a powerful armament. X-Morph: Defense will take you into the depths of space, take you through the maze of the ship and escort you to the battle zone. Features : • More than 40 challenging side-scrolling levels, played through with the best control and scoring system in the genre • More than 80 upgrades to improve your craft • Single player mode (Arcade and Challenge) and Multiplayer Mode • Autofire and N-Factor system for better arcade game experience • Cut-scenes showing a plausible and unique story line • High caliber gameplay featuring numerous obstacles, traps, and enemy ships and avoiding many hazards, while only carrying the fewest ammunition and weapons possible • Extreme arcade action with a great deal of strategy • Save your game at any time, even in the midst of a battle! • 9 different music tracks with difficulty setting • 3 different difficulty levels • 4 game types • 7 game modes: arcade, time trial, survival, 3-player co-op, 1-player co-op, death match, battleship and practice • Arcade Gallery and Boss Battle Gallery • Arcade Gallery allows you to


Space Hulk: Tactics Features Key:

  • – A global unique name to be displayed on the Menu and in-game
  • – Auto Save option
  • – Unlockable and Infinite Game Mode
  • – High Score system
  • – Game Center Support!


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What’s new in Space Hulk: Tactics:

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