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Our first major release takes the real Viking sport of Kubb to the extreme – to throw toys at your opponent to knock them over. The game now features single player, two player local multiplayer or online multiplayer, and, for the first time, two different gameplay mechanics for both single and two player.
Try the FREE BASE GAME for a few hours with the core mechanics, play 20 levels, and unlock the achievement of the game. Once you’re caught up, then head back to the core of the game to unlock further levels with a hilarious set of competitive Game Modes, and unlock the rest of the single player content with ever more funny Game Modes. Finally, the full game DLC adds a further 60 levels, all unlocked by the end of the single player content, and features an ever-growing collection of characters (and more to come!).
-20 levels designed to test your throwing and dodging skills
-Two different mechanics with the core gameplay
-Untoldly funny Game Modes
-Custom drawn and animated characters and worlds to unlock
-Free epic soundtracks
-16 achievements (!!!) to unlock!
-Custom made retro graphics
-Unlockable trading card features
-No in-game ads and popups
-Share crazy stunts on social media
-One of the best slingshot games ever made
-Cross-platform multiplayer and support for iOS, Android and Steam – with cross-play enabled for Viking Trickshot players on the same version of the game
-Supportive community on Discord with our very own devs
-3D tilt controls
-If you’re not into that, there’s a 3D button to flip the view
-Can be played 1-2 player in local multiplayer
-Easy-to-use controls allowing for a smooth play experience
-Local multiplayer feature with 2 modes available for free:
-2 Player Local Multiplayer (shared device or online)
-1 Player Local Multiplayer (online or shared device)
Viking Trickshot’s full game DLC adds a further 50 levels, as well as 45 new characters, 450 new Game Modes, an (unlocked) on-screen taunting feature and more – and will come with any future updates, forever.
This all-new DLC includes:
-Expanded in-


Features Key:

  • HD Quality: Ultra HD RealConsole (4k 60fps)
  • 8 Maps
  • 8 Modes of Destruction
  • 4 Weapons
  • 11 Characters: 9 Spec Ops, 2 Assaults, 2 Elites
  • Single Player Campaign
  • Local Multiplayer (Coop)
  • Online Multiplayer (Versus)
  • Easy Obliteration
  • Awesome Weather
  • Lush, Breathtaking World


Fresh Body: Original Soundtrack (2022)

The project has been in development for several years, which has allowed us to be more creative and to fill a lot of voids in our previous prototype.
The idea of micro mayhem started in 2016 and it was first a single player game. The intention was to create a game to enjoy while driving or on a train or a plane without thinking about the other passengers. In these conditions we felt like we’d be less affected by the real-life game.
In the beginning we had a multiplayer in mind but we understood it was complicated to control two players at the same time. We decided to continue the development as a single player game and we also decided to add a car mode.
We also tried to give micro mayhem a unique twist. In our previous prototyping we thought that it was annoying to run constantly across the map and shoot for a long time. Therefore, we decided that the goal of the game would be to find the nearest active enemy and shoot at him until he decides to die.
When it was time to change to multiplayer we decided to make it free to play. This had a lot of advantages because we were able to focus on the core gameplay by removing the distraction of advertising and payments.
We have a lot of plans for micro mayhem and we want to improve this project in future updates. The most important things we want to improve are:

– Weapons, making them more powerful

– Environmental elements

– Weather and seasons

– Music


– Leaderboards

– Different game modes

– Social media

We also want to create realistic challenges to teach/train players how to play a specific game mode.
We also hope that this game inspires other developers.


On Micro Mayhem’s forum, they mention the following:

So in 2016 I created this game. I wanted to make a game to play while on a train or on a plane.

So I think what it is missing is the concept of playing a game on a train or on a plane. Some of the gameplay mechanics are also a little bit different from a game where you play on a car, as you mention in your question.
But a game like this will not be the same everywhere you go, and they also mention having their game on iOS and Android devices. So I think this game is missing some polish on the UI and UX. They are thinking about Android’s version, but it’s for quite a while


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NiCO DOA6 Deluxe Costume Details

Rarity –


Class –


Effect –

This NiCO DOA6 Deluxe Costume provides the following effects:


Priestly Emote

Duration –


The player performs a Priestly Emote.






Those who master the rhythm of battle will never be at a loss for an opportunity to perform a Priestly Emote, in the presence of a Priest who has a “Spirit” rank higher than your own. By using Priestly Emotes, you can express your feelings at any time.

(Online Interactions Not Rated by NIS)

* The contents of this DLC may vary depending on the current situation of each respective region.

NiCO DOA6 Deluxe Costume- Rare


The priest wears a “Priestly Emote” outfit.

When you hold a Priestly Emote, the animation for performing Priestly Emotes is temporarily changed.

NOTE: This costume can only be used by the characters who obtain the “NiCO DOA6 – Deluxe” DLC.

– In addition to the regular equipment, the player will also receive an exclusive “Mana Gear” for when the NiCO DOA6 – Deluxe DLC is equipped. (Online Interactions Not Rated by NIS)

– This content is also available as a part of a set for a discounted price. Be careful to not purchase the same content twice.

Mana Gear

Equipment Set

Crafted Costume

Craft Time



Skill Requirements

Using the “Mana Gear” can be performed by equipping the “NiCO DOA6 – Deluxe” DLC.

Usage Requirements

NiCO DOA6 – Deluxe DLC

Using the “Mana Gear” can be performed by equipping the “NiCO DOA6 – Deluxe” DLC.

Required Items

“NiCO DOA6 – Deluxe” DLC

You must have the “NiCO DOA6 – Deluxe” DLC equipped in order to perform the “Mana Gear”.



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