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1 COMMENTSHemolytic crisis caused by thermal sterilization of red blood cells for transfusion: a five-year retrospective study.
The safety and efficacy of red blood cells (RBC) stored at 4 degrees C for up to 42 days have been documented. Recently, RBC stored at blood banking centers have been treated by a new method, which involves treatment by dry heat followed by filtration and washing. This study was designed to evaluate the efficacy and safety of this new technique. A retrospective study of transfusion reactions (TR) caused by the new technique was carried out at one blood bank in Hong Kong between June 1995 and June 2000. Five years, with a total of 23,626 RBC transfusions, was covered. The annual transfusion practices were similar, with the number of RBC transfused increasing to 15,000 per year during 1996. The specific causes of the TR were identified in 60 (0.26%). They included 12 cases of hemolytic crisis, representing 0.07% of all transfused RBC. The characteristics of these patients were similar to those of patients with TR from RBC stored at 4 degrees C. However, the proportion of TR caused by the new technique was 0.11% compared to 0.04% for RBC stored at 4 degrees C. Although the transfusion reactions from the new technique were fewer, the mode of onset, severity, and nature were similar to those of reactions from RBC stored at 4 degrees C.Echocardiographic image quality during rest and cardiac stress.
Intraoperative echocardiography has become a routine procedure for diagnosis and cardiovascular evaluation in many surgical centers. The quality of echocardiographic images is of importance and a high-quality echocardiogram is more valuable than a lower-quality one. The purposes of the present study were to examine the changes in echocardiographic image quality during rest and cardiac stress, and to find out the relationship between stress-induced changes in hemodynamic parameters and echocardiographic image quality. Altogether, 45 patients with an indication for the use of echocardiography participated in the study. In 10 patients, the quality of echocardiographic images was assessed at rest


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