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Any telnet servers for nokia phones

Possible Duplicate:
How can I send text messages to mobile phones from a PHP server?

Is there any telnet server for Nokia Phones and i want to connect to that from my java application..
help me..


Not that I know of. However, if you’re able to program in java, you could simply make a web page that would send the message to the phone if the phone asked for it.
If you could provide more information, I could probably answer you better.


The compiler already complained about the type of the expression but I did not even realize that it means the right hand side of the assignment. I think that I should use some kind of polymorphism instead of generic functions.


If it were a class member, then that would have been a better choice.
If it were a local variable, then the corresponding initializer would be allowed (initializing a reference variable with a braced-init-list or with a comma-initializer is the same thing):
decltype(std::get(a) = std::get(b)) = true_type;
decltype(std::get(a) = std::get(b)) = true_type;

Now the code will initialize, but the initial value of the assignment will be truncated to be a bit-field.
If you actually want some calculation on the value, then it should be a function that returns a reference to the bool. For example:
auto and_assign(T&& a, U&& b)
-> decltype(std::forward(a) = std::forward(b)) &
static_assert(!std::is_reference_v &&!std::is_reference_v,
“and_assign has insufficient type safety for and_assign”);
static_assert(std::is_same_v, “and_assign is missing type safety for and_assign”);
return &std::forward(a) = std::forward(b);

Or if you’re willing to play the union game:
auto and_assign(T&& a, U&& b, V&& c)
-> decltype(std::forward(a) = std::forward(b),
std::forward(c)) &

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