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The list below presents common techniques for using Photoshop for web designs.

Multiplying layers

At the heart of Photoshop is the process of creating layers. A layer is essentially a flat, but invisible, box which holds the different elements of an image or page. When you edit an image in Photoshop, you are always editing a set of layers. Each layer, when added to an image, results in a raster copy of that layer.

You can then choose to paint over these layers with other elements, or you can simply erase them, thus eliminating that portion of the image. You can manipulate the layers for a variety of effects.

When you create layers in Photoshop, you have the option to assign a layer mask, which allows you to selectively erase portions of a layer. For example, you can set a particular layer to be completely transparent, allowing any image beneath it to show through. Alternatively, you can create a layer mask from scratch and hide portions of a layer, or you can simply select an area of a layer that you would like to remove entirely and select “Clear Mask.”

Creating a layer in Photoshop

The easiest way to create a layer in Photoshop is to select the Crop tool. Press and hold the Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac) key, and then click an area of the image to select it. When the selection is complete, press the C key to crop the image. In the Crop dialog box, the default setting is to place the crop point at the center of the image. You can manually change these settings if you need, but there is no need for them by default. Click OK when you have the crop point at the center of your image.

Double-clicking on the layer icon opens the New Layer dialog box, which shows the options available. To create a new layer, click the New Layer icon. You can specify whether the layer should be filled or empty, set the opacity, and provide a name.

Multiple layer styles

You may wish to create multiple layer styles when designing a web page. Layer styles are sets of effects that you can apply to individual layers, allowing you to apply the same set of effects to multiple layers.

Once you have created a new layer style and assigned it to a layer, you can choose to set the default layer style as the new layer.

To create a new layer style, click the New Layer Style icon. You can choose the type of style that

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Are you confused by the many options and capabilities of Photoshop? Each version has a different set of features. Here is a list of the most useful features of Photoshop and Photoshop Elements for web designers, graphic designers, photographers and other people who work with images.

With Photoshop there are many different ways to save an image.

File Extension


File Formats

Pixel Dimension

Supported File Formats




TIFF (Tagged Image File Format)





PSI (Photoshop Image)


The file extension and compression determine the file format. The type and compression of the file usually depends on the specific file format.

Pixel Dimensions

What image sizes work best with your design?

Pixel dimensions are the exact number of pixels inside a square.

Here are the most common pixel dimensions:

Image Size in Pixels Width Height Total Width Height Approximate Original Image Size 315×315 324×324 2967 2,350-3,000 Pixel Dimension 300×300 324×324 2900 2,680-2,900 Pixel Dimension 300×400 324×324 3200 3,840-4,080 Pixel Dimension 1236×960 324×264 2515 2,520-2,970 Pixel Dimension 639×960 324×264 3,660 8,470-12,110 Pixel Dimension 850×970 324×264 2211 1,840-2,590 Pixel Dimension 352×672 324×264 2387 3,204-4,320 Pixel Dimension 1200×100 324×264 2460 2,400-3,000 Pixel Dimension 300×200 324×300 2340 3,040-4,000 Pixel Dimension 350×315 324×324 3088 4,040-4,700 Pixel Dimension 300×400 324×324 3200 4,080-5,000 Pixel Dimension 1200×240 324×344 2500 4,480-6,000 Pixel Dimension 639×960 324×264 2478 2,874-3,898 Pixel Dimension 297×411 324×324 3015 3,780-4,270 Pixel Dimension 600×600 324×324 2424 2,184-2,572 Pixel Dimension 600×1200 324×344 2600 4,400-5,500 Pixel Dimension 4500×700 324×200 2825 2,930

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