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The following feature icons that appear in this chapter are introduced in this chapter as well:






Smart Brush

History panel

History backup

Photoshop is a very powerful image program, and more information about all its capabilities can be found in books on the topic.

Finding Your Way Around

When you open Photoshop, you need to find the way around. All the controls are on the workspace itself, but you don’t always have to see them, because they’re grouped into layers. Layers are used to organize and manipulate images, and they’re the basis of almost all Photoshop features.

Familiarizing Yourself with the Workspace

When you open Photoshop, you find the workspace. If you’ve used a previous version, you probably remember it from that version, because in most cases it looks different. It’s no longer broken down into layers. In the following figure, you see what Photoshop looks like when you open it from the New or Recent menu.

If you’ve used Photoshop for a long time, you’re probably familiar with the Quick Organizer, as shown in the bottom of the figure. If you work with a lot of images, you want to use it so you can quickly select the images you want to work with. It’s a toolbar, so you can drag it from the left to the right to arrange your images in the order you want.

The three icons in the top row indicate several important features. The Layers Panel button is at the bottom right of the screen. This is used to access and display the Photoshop Layers. This is different from the previous version, where the Layers panel was made of separate windows. The toolbox icon is at the top right. It’s used for clicking on various tools and opening drop-down tool menus to select the items you want. The icon in the top left corner of the screen is the Bridge, used for opening a new image.

In the previous version of Photoshop, the Paint Bucket tool was at the top right. This was changed to a Brush in the current version.

In addition to the parts of the workspace you’ve seen before, the screen features some additions:

The Quick Mask option allows you to make a selection quickly using the Q key. This is useful when you need to select a portion of an image. The Spot Healing Brush that appears is used for outlining areas of an

Photoshop CC 2019 With Serial Key

The Elements version includes all the editing functions of Photoshop, plus it’s optimized for web and mobile devices. It lets you open, view, edit, save, view, export, print, and share images. And you can export to JPG, GIF and PNG format files with a variety of quality and size settings.

It contains other graphic editing tools like cropping, resizing, rotating, adding text and filters.

What’s New in Adobe Photoshop Elements 18

Photoshop Elements 18 offers a new layer-based organization interface and image enhancement tools.

1. New Layer Based Organization

The new layer based organization gives you a quick and easy way to organize and manage your image files.

2. New Color Adjustments

“Selective Color” is a new powerful feature in Photoshop Elements 18. Selective Color allows you to adjust colors on an image in a non-destructive way.

3. See more images at once

The previous Photoshop Elements displayed just 20 images at a time. Photoshop Elements 18 now displays 250 images at a time and lets you easily access all the images in a folder in one click.

4. Redesigned Develop module

One of the most common tasks on Photoshop Elements is creating a new image. For this reason, the Develop module has been redesigned to be easier to use.

5. High Quality Image Retouching

The high quality image retouching feature lets you remove blemishes and scars while preserving skin and fine details.

6. Creating and Editing Memes

Adobe Photoshop Elements 18 offers an updated Meme Generator tool that’s easy to use and makes it easy to create your own memes and create funny images.

With the help of Photoshop Elements you can create stunning photos that are easy for anyone to share on social media. Photoshop Elements 18 features advanced color correction tools. It’s easy to tweak each image individually, or on a layer, to improve color and lighting. It also lets you make multiple adjustments with a single click.

You can also make it easier to share your photos. Photoshop Elements 18 includes an all-new Edit Image feature. It lets you transform an image in one click into an image with nearly any style you want. You can now edit multiple images at the same time.

The new layer-based organization lets you quickly organize and manage your image files.

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