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* **Managing Your Files** gives you an overview of where Photoshop’s documents are stored, the size of your hard drive, and how to organize your folders. * **Creating Your First Photo** walks you through the most common steps to create a picture. * **Correcting Problems** helps you to correct red-eye, exposure, white balance, and color problems. * **Paint Away** shows you how to correct problems using the paintbrush tool. * **Painting Landscapes, Street Scenes, and Anyplace Else** shows you how to manipulate the drawing tool. * **Working with an Image’s History, Controls, and History** explains how to work with your last few images. * **Organizing Your Work** provides tips on how to keep your editing organized. * **Working with Layer Styles** explains how to use layer styles and presets to create original designs. * **Stamping a New Image** shows you how to create beautiful final images using stamping. * **Creating a Clipping Mask** enables you to manipulate an object or selection in a foreground image to make it transparent. * **Painting Selections** teaches you how to create complex, masking-like selections using the paintbrush. * **Drawing and Painting** gives you a drawing handbook that is chock-full of helpful tips.

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Photoshop is an incredibly powerful tool and allows you to develop your skill. Although the learning curve is certainly steeper than Elements, the advanced editing and tweaking possibilities make it well worth the time and effort invested into mastering the software. Photoshop offers enormous amounts of power to save images, manipulate them, colour correct them and smooth them out. You have probably already heard about Photoshop, yet you still want to get a quick overview of how the application works. Maybe you think it’s a bit too complicated to learn at first. You can find out more about the complex inner workings of Photoshop in the 5 parts of Photoshop, the walkthrough below. If you prefer a video, we have created a short, easy to understand overview of how the application works. 1. The Photoshop Workflow Before you begin work on your images, you must first learn how to use Photoshop correctly. The following techniques are used by the majority of Photoshop users. The best way to work with Photoshop is to first understand the Photoshop workflow and apply it to all of your images. The work on your photos, in the end, also is based on your personal workflow. I have developed a workflow myself, I believe it works best for me. The workflow can be seen in the overview below. But first things first… How to use Photoshop Part 1: The Photoshop Workflow: Beginning and End Part 2: The Photoshop Workflow: Basic Editing Part 3: The Photoshop Workflow: Smoothing and Retouching Part 4: The Photoshop Workflow: Create New, Saving & Deleting Files Part 5: The Photoshop Workflow: Working with a Project Start Photoshop and open an image. How do you start working on images? Well, the first thing you need to do is open an image, as seen below. 1.1 Open an image Open an image with Photoshop by choosing File > Open. Photoshop opens a preview window for an image. You can also open several images at once. 1.2 Choose an image Now you can see the image in the preview window. Choose an image by scrolling through the previews or using your keyboard. 2. Import a RAW Image To import a RAW file into the program, click the Import Image button. 2.1 Click 8ce3bd8656

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Minimum: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 Processor: 2 GHz Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: Intel HD 4000 / AMD HD 5000 DirectX: 11 Storage: 15 GB available space Other: Blu-ray Disc DVD/CD-ROM Network: Broadband Internet connection Recommended: Memory: 8 GB RAM Graphics: Intel HD 5000 /

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