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Windows 8 Microsoft’s latest PC operating system, Windows 8, is a major platform. It begins with a similar user interface to Windows 7, but Microsoft’s desktop metaphors feel completely different. Windows 8 runs on all devices running Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP, and is compatible with standard PC and tablet

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An introduction to Photoshop Elements: If you have not used Adobe Photoshop before, then you need to know that Elements is a digital photo editing software, that is organized into modules. Some of the modules are Video, Photo Editing, D-Series, Web Design, and others. Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 looks identical to Adobe Photoshop, but it is completely different. Elements does not have ‘pro features’ like a professional version of Photoshop does. There are some pro-level features like the ability to use over 30+ art brushes in Photo Editing, but it has nothing close to Photoshop’s canvas sizes, and so on. Adobe Photoshop Elements does, however, come packed with many other features and options that would make a professional a new level of enthusiast photographer. Free for registered users. Photoshop Elements can be used for free by users who have registered with Adobe. However, you will need to upgrade to version 12.0 to use all of the features. There are two main types of users in Adobe Elements, but most people are photo editors. If you are an amateur photographer who wants to crop out some of the background of a photo for a photo collage, or if you want to do some of the pre-production editing for a wedding, then you’d be better off using Elements. However, the better way to get started using Elements would be to go through a tutorial. Another type of user is web designers. If you are making a high-quality website, you would be better off using Photoshop than Elements. However, some designers use Photoshop Elements to create new logos, graphic effects and many other things. Let’s explore some of the advantages of Photoshop Elements over traditional Photoshop. Advantages of Photoshop Elements Advantages of Photoshop Elements over traditional Photoshop Storage is one of the biggest concerns when you are using a graphic editor. It can be important to have a large number of photos and different sizes of photos. Images can get very large. Photos can get the size of a physical CD in terms of storage. If you are going to use many photos, then you need to start thinking about where you are going to store them and how you are going to manage them. One of the biggest benefits that Adobe Photoshop Elements does is that it is much lighter than traditional Photoshop. If you have a 15.6 in laptop, then you will be able to have a better quality graphics experience when 05a79cecff

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Q: Using.htaccess to remove trailing slash at url with multiple trailing slashes I have a site with content stored at www.mydomain.com/folder1/folder2/folder3/file1.php I need to modify the site and remove the directory list so that a URL that displays at www.mydomain.com/folder1/folder2/folder3/file1.php would display at www.mydomain.com/folder1/folder2/folder3/file1 I’ve tried using a RewriteCond but not having much luck. I’ve tried numerous different versions of this, but without success. I currently have the following mod rewrite at the moment in my.htaccess file RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} /folder1/folder2/folder3/file1 [NC] RewriteRule ^(.+?)\/folder1\/folder2\/folder3\/file1/$1/$2/$3/$4 [L] If someone can give me a few tips in the right direction, that would be great. The main challenge is that when I type www.mydomain.com/folder1/folder2/folder3/file1 into the address bar it opens www.mydomain.com/folder1/folder2/folder3/file1.php? Thank you in advance, A: (.*)\/folder1\/folder2\/folder3\/file1\?$ should do the trick if you have mod_rewrite enabled. ? is here for the default “stop processing” match, which would be here on page load. By matching anything, you would be “processing” the full URI through the rest of the matching rules. If you require the trailing slash, try (.*)\/folder1\/folder2\/folder3\/file1\/$ instead, which will still remove any trailing slashes. Alternatively you could try $0 if you do not want to remove any trailing slashes. Q: unexpected token in string literal A class has an attribute typeof next to show the type of the following variable. let j = 10; console.log(j.typeof(next) + ” ” + j.typeof); ERROR: Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ILLEGAL

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Editorial: The Road to Green Haven Should the road to Green Haven County Correctional Facility be closed to high-speed driving, a scenario that was tested this week, the only state prison that doesn’t have a maximum security wing is exempt. The route to the Green Haven prison is so tricky, riddled with county roads, fire lanes, service roads and gravel roads that some drivers avoid the whole thing. For years, advocates of the state Department of Environmental Conservation, which owns most of the county’s land, have successfully pushed legislation, nicknamed the “Implementing the Grace Kennedy Road Closing Act,” that would make a small portion of the county road off-limits to vehicles traveling at or above 80 miles per hour. That, the officials say, would reduce fatalities in this rural area by a whopping 70 percent, and the measure passed the Legislature last summer and was signed into law by Gov. Andrew Cuomo. The counties of Ulster and Sullivan are exempt, and only the state has the power to close roads like this. But the law also provides for a penalty — $1,000 per vehicle — to owners of the offending vehicles. The DEC wants to close the road to 60 miles per hour. High-speed drivers have already been clocked doing 120, more than twice the speed limit, the agency claims. By the DEC’s estimates, closing this road to lower speeds would be the equivalent of spending $30 million to widen a stretch of the state Highway 17 in the area. The results, so far, have not been impressive. Since the law took effect this summer, one statistic that should be on the rise is the number of accidents where a driver was traveling more than 80 mph. Even those drivers who were not traveling at the limit have reported a marked decrease in speed. The agency offered a few reasons to support the speed limit. A vehicle traveling at 40 miles per hour is typically traveling the same distance in a shorter period of time than one going 60 miles per hour, they said. There’s also the issue of safety in rural areas. The argument can be made that the most dangerous part of any journey is the last few miles to the destination — which is probably why drivers are already taking shortcuts through the woods. But as an owner of three vehicles that is over 80 years old, and a regular visitor to the Hamlet of Green Haven, I know full well that the only

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