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Soft191 Uninstaller Crack Download (Updated 2022)

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Soft191 Uninstaller version history:
V1.1 (06.06.2011):
– The list of orphaned entries to be removed is now displayed by default
– Added “New” to the list of applications
– Pressing “S” now jumps to programs starting with “S” in any sort order
V1.2 (10.02.2011):
– The program can now uninstall applications without prompt
V1.3 (10.04.2011):
– Added “File Name” field in Programs/Uninstall dialog
– V1.3 included new language Bulgarian (thanks Anderi)
– Fixed “Failed to process command” message
– Fixed the name of the uninstall directory
– Added instruction how to create uninstall registry entries
– Added option to remove system components
– Added option to uninstall programs from the Internet (such as add/remove programs and Programs and Features)
– Added option to search for the uninstall directory
– Added support for multilingual installation
– The program can now deal with existing “Add to Programs” or “Remove from Programs” registry entries
– Fixed “No uninstall directory found” error message
V1.4 (05.10.2011):
– Added option to reset/remove unsorted list
– Fixed “Incorrect number of entries” error
– Fixed “Not a valid Directory” error
– Fixed issue with removing entries in programs folders
– Fixed issue with clearing orphaned entries
– Fixed issue with removing programs from Office apps folder
– Resolved numerous minor issues
V1.5 (11.05.2011):
– Updated Ukrainian language
– Checked for uninstall directory before creating it
– Added option to remove all orphaned entries in case of partial uninstall
– Added option to remove all orphaned entries in case of partial uninstall
– Removed error messages when there are no registered applications
– Removed “Can’t be modified” message
– Removed stale information about date/time
– Fixed issue with removing obsolete entries
– Fixed issue with removing registry entries of inaccessible
– Resolved minor issues with closing the dialog
V1.6 (02.09.2012):
– Added Russian language
– Added Spanish language (thanks to Jorge)
– Fixed issue with creating

Soft191 Uninstaller Crack+

Soft191 Uninstaller Serial Key is an uninstaller that’s been optimized to quickly remove anything from your system without wasting time!

A powerful interface that makes for a very user-friendly uninstaller.

Monitor system processes for software installations to prevent uninstallers from mistakenly removing software (and over-riding ones they should be removing).

Manage and work with all types of files – local, network, removable, CD and DVD – with a few simple clicks.

Keep track of which files were used in previous installations (this way you can track down any necessary files).

Uninstall fast and easily with support for all Windows systems (1, 2, 3, 98 and NT 4, 2000, XP and Vista).

Soft191 Uninstaller will automatically open the dialog for uninstalling, and allow you to uninstall multiple items at once.

CiteSoft Software 2018.08.13
A quick and easy uninstaller that will quickly remove applications from your computer. A useful tool that’s ideal for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.About the Area

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Soft191 Uninstaller Crack Free Download

Uninstalling software can be a tedious process. Windows requires that some of the files of an application remain in the registry and other files are used by the application. If the application is removed from the system, Windows cannot remove the used files and the application may cease to work correctly.
Soft191 Uninstaller will help you remove all of the files of an application, leaving behind just the installation log. Windows will remove all of the registry entries associated with the application, making it work exactly like a fresh install.
Soft191 Uninstaller integrates seamlessly into the Windows desktop. You can access it via the Window’s Start menu and you can easily find it with the “Start” dropdown.
You can also access Soft191 Uninstaller from any Explorer window. By double-clicking on a shortcut to Soft191 Uninstaller, Soft191 Uninstaller will launch. You can quit from Soft191 Uninstaller by double-clicking on the X at the top right of the window.
Soft191 Uninstaller Features:
– Ability to remove shortcut from Start menu
– Ability to remove registry entries
– Ability to remove files
– Ability to remove system components
– Ability to display orphaned installations
– Ability to sort the list by program name, or name starting with a specified letter
– Ability to select a range of programs
– Ability to remove a selected program’s installation data, allowing for more secure installations.
– Ability to display available applications
– Ability to display a system components page to browse installed system components.
– Ability to display a system components page to display the current and previously installed components of system.
– Ability to display and delete system components created by an application.
– Ability to have a variable size icon for the display of applications.
– Ability to view a description of an application.
– Easy to use interface.
– Ability to search for applications without typing in a long list of application names.
– Ability to show orphaned software installations.
– Ability to read the Windows registry to find previously installed applications.
– Ability to scan for Windows registry entries which may be removed without affecting an application’s operation.
– Ability to run under all versions of Windows (from 98 onwards).
– Ability to run as Administrator.
– Ability to run under Windows 2000/XP/Vista (Windows 2000 SP4 or greater).
– Ability to use with Windows Search (with the ability to pre-filter the results to only show installed applications).

What’s New In?

Soft191 Uninstaller quickly uninstalls applications and remove associated entries from the Start menu. You can also delete files, folders and shortcuts which may have been left over by another uninstaller.
Enables you to quickly uninstall software and, if necessary, remove associated entries from the Start menu and any redundant files/folders left over by the application’s uninstall program.
By placing a shortcut to Uninstaller on your desktop, or on a toolbar, you can quickly uninstall software in just a few clicks.
The program can display orphaned installations, and allows you to delete them from the system registry (with undo if necessary!). It will also display system components which have been installed. The list can be sorted and filtered to show only normal installations.
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System Requirements:

Additional Notes:
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