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The Poser Files Database is a tool for the cataloguing of 3D content and installation instructions. All products are listed in the database along with the associated media and the various versions of the product. Users can search the database by product code or by product name, looking for a product by any of these parameters. Users can also search by product type or artist, which will also restrict the search to a specific media. An image can be attached to a product, allowing users to easily identify a product by the image.
V.0.5.1 – 2011/10/21 –
The following product types were added:

– Daz Studio
– Daz Toon
– Eric Suher’s DS2 products

Poser Files Database Features:
On database login, the following information is always presented in addition to the Welcome screen

– Number of products
– Number of files
– Total download count
– Number of downloads
– Total Bandwidth
– Total Bytes Downloaded

On database logout, the following information is always presented

– Download count for the last 7 days
– Download count for the last 30 days
– Current Download Count

You may request download statistics and overall statistics to be mailed to you, or you can just browse to the statistics page. The stats page is found under the Stats tab.

The Basics tab contains two lists. The Products tab contains a list of all products and their associated media; while the Files tab contains a list of all files for all products. The basic feature list for this tab is shown on the following screen.

The advanced feature list is similar to the basic feature list. The difference is that all the parameters can be expanded. To see the expandable parameters, click the down arrow next to the parameter and choose the ‘Expand’ checkbox. The expandable parameters are shown on the following screen.

Product Properties:
This tab contains a list of all the properties for a particular product. The basic feature list of this tab is shown on the following screen.

The advanced feature list contains additional information on a product. This includes the version of the product, the media in which a product is available, the figure numbers, and the media updates in which a product is available. The advanced feature list has a slightly different set of fields. One of the differences is that it shows the 3DCommune products with the old age

Poser Files Database Download

An Application used by Poser Pro users to specify all of their Poser Files.
1. Add the line to your ~/.ppcache/proxy.cfg file.
Add the following line to your ~/.ppcache/proxy.cfg file.
Update the file with your own proxy server details
2. Download the pposerfilesdatabase from the Release Disk 1 page at
Extract the archive and delete the *.zip file in the root folder
3. Create a database of each product with the following parameters, in the Poser Files Database Application:
*Product Code and URL*
Product Name
Associate an image to product
DS Only
Minimum Poser Version required
4. Create a search menu at the top of the window and fill it with the following:
*Product Name (to find all products)
*Artist Name (to find all products by artist)
*Runtime Name (to find all products by runtime)
5. Click on the Search icon and search for all available products. The results will be displayed in the Results Pane. Double click on a row to view all of the associated details.
General Notes:
– Double click the icon at the top of the pposerfilesdatabase application to close
– Right click to close a pop up window
– Tab out of pposerfilesdatabase application to close the application
– There is a Connection Timeout setting in the application preferences to change this
– Simply select all results and delete them from the database without activating the delete
– Use the Reset to Defaults button to remove all products in the application
– Click the Reset to Defaults button in the top right of the application to remove all products from the application
– Create a new product in the application and then delete it to test the Delete Feature
– Double click on the icon at the top of the application to open the application preferences
Versions & Designs:

Bug Reports & Feature Requests:

– Poser Files must be installed before using this application
Publishers and Distributors:

Poser Files Database

All Poser Files Database software is a free download and is a free
application for all products. The Poser Files Database tool is a simple
Poser Files Database application that will help you locate Poser Prods
and other 3D content, give you the ability to download the content in a
very easy-to-use manner, and provide basic information about the
content. This application provides information of the following types
for each product:

Product Code – Product URL
Product Name – Download from LPServer, Renderosity, Poser Pro,
3DComp, etc.
File Name on Renderosity – Product URL
Image associated with product – Renderosity, Poser Pros, 3DComp, etc.
Image Association On LPServer – Product URL
Image to download – Renderosity, Poser Pros, 3DComp, etc.
DS only – Perform these actions:
Import Images found on Renderosity into Poser
Import Images found on Poser Pro into Poser
Import Images found on 3DComp into Poser
Requirements for figure – Poser Pro, 3DComp, etc.
Minimum Poser Version – Poser Pro, 3DComp, etc.
Artists who created product – Poser Pro, 3DComp, etc.
Runtime – Poser Pro, 3DComp, etc.
Is This Product in Your Poser File Database? – Yes or No
Comments – Any comments about the product
Download Information – Purchase information
Time-stamp Download
Order Number – Order number of where product was purchased from
Price – Price paid for product
Price paid – This is the price paid for the product
License – Free or Paid
File Size – Total size of the product
Contact Web – Web address of the product manufacturer
Product Type – Poser Pro, 3DComp, etc.
Date Downloaded – Download date.

For each of the products you can specify which file types and runtime
versions you want to perform operations on. You can also specify which
artists created the product. This will give you a general idea of the
artist and you can tap into their website for more information.
When you are searching for a product you can look at the file type and
runtime you want for the search. When you select the search you can
also specify which artist created the product or if it is just a
simple product. Or you can search for any artist or product name

What’s New In?

The Poser Files Database is designed to aid in the cataloging of content for Poser, DazStudio, Vue, and other similar 3D tools. It can be used simply as a way to find a particular file or to provide detailed information about all products in one location.
The following can be specified for each product:
– Product code and url
– Product Name field.
– Associate an image with product via download from provider site or upload from hard drive
– DS Only flag
– Minimum Poser Version required
– Comments
– Requirements field
– Specifying which figure(s) a product is for
– Specifying which product type(s) a product is
– Specifying which runtime(s) the product has been installed into
– Specifying which artists created the product 
– ReadMe field (with automated population for Renderosity, Poser Pros, and 3DCommune products)
– File Size
– Price 
– Price Paid
– Order Number
– Date Downloaded/Ordered
– License
How to Use:
1. Register for an account at www.myrenderosity.com and login with your email address and a password.
2. When you are ready to begin, create a new product record
3. Choose the type of product being listed.
4. Enter the author information you would like displayed
5. Click the “Add a Requirements” link, and enter the name of the requirements file. This will be used to populate the requirements field with the data from the requirements file.
6. Click the “Add a License” link to add a license file to the requirements, price, and the other fields.
7. Click “Add all related files” to include any other files associated with the product
8. Add up to 10 related files.
9. Add related products to include any other products that should be listed here.

The following filelist is displayed (as a link) within the description field, for a Renderosity, Poser Pro, or Poser Pro Lite product
This list can be copied to your clipboard and pasted into a text file where you’d like to make a similar list

File Type License Price Availability Poser Pro Pro License Poser Pro Tons of Files $0.25 via /smile.png Price Paid $0.01 18/05/2012 License Greetings,
A modular 3D studio

System Requirements:

PC: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista
Mac: OS X 10.10 Yosemite, OS X 10.9 Mavericks, OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion
Linux: Ubuntu 12.04 or later
Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo 3DS Firmware 2.2 or later
* The 3DS and PlayStation Vita versions require firmware update to the latest version.
* The PlayStation Vita version of the game is limited to use with the console system’s touch-screen.
* Some features are not

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