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Note: You can learn basic photo editing and photography techniques in Corel PaintShop Pro and GIMP. How to start? Now that we know what Photoshop is, let’s explore its different features and functions, for both Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. Highlight the shape or object you want to remove Click the magic wand tool. . Click the shape or the object you want to remove. On the Layers Panel, select “Select,” and then click “Invert.” A double layer with a black shape is created. Use the Magic Wand Tool to select the area you wish to crop out. The rest of the cropped image is automatically selected in the Paths Panel. Click the crop icon on the top toolbar and the cropped picture is saved. Select the area to put back in Choose a rectangle or any shape, then click “Paint,” and then “Select.” Repeat this step for each area you want to put back in. For instance, you may want to crop a hat, as shown in the example below. The crop tool looks like a rectangle with a black border. Click anywhere inside the magic wand selection, and you’ll automatically select the area you want to crop out. Photoshop’s toolbar is much like a photocopier. To remove an area, click the paint icon, and then “Select,” or right-click on the area of the image you want to remove. Once you’re done, click “OK.” Resize and crop an image Click on any image and go to “Image” –> “Resize and Crop.” Choose “Free Transform” or “Horizontal & Vertical Photo Size.” To crop, click on the red line in the bounding box and drag it to crop out the image in the new bounding box. To resize the image, click and drag any edge, or simply resize the bounding box to fit the image. If your image is bigger than the bounding box, you can click and drag the image to create a new bounding box. Duplicate a layer To duplicate a layer, select the layer a681f4349e

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Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7 – Downloaded from here Mac OS X 10.6+ – Downloaded from here 5GHz multi-core CPU 6 GB RAM 500 MB free disk space Compatible with most HTML5-capable web browsers. Further requirements: Download the latest setup/installer. Run setup.exe and follow the instructions. Make sure to quit all running applications before running the game. Click OK to accept the license when prompted.

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