Navicat For SQLite 4.30.22078 Free Download [32|64bit] [2022-Latest]

Navicat for SQLite is a software solution that was developed specifically to aid people in organizing SQLite databases, sorting, editing and backing up information, as well as schedule jobs.
Simple-to-handle environment
The installation process is not going to pose any kind of problems, while the interface you are met with is well-organized and clean. It encompasses a menu bar, several buttons, and two panes which enable you to view a folder structure of the selected database, as well as the information you have selected.
In addition to that, extensive Help documentation is incorporated, which ensures that all types of users, including those with little experience can work with Navicat for SQLite, yet you should know that it still requires some specialized knowledge.
Databases you can connect to and import and export tables
First and foremost, you should know it is possible to connect to your Navicat Cloud account with just a few clicks, so that you can access your data with ease. It is also possible to use an existing database file (SQLITE, DB) from your hard drive, or a HTTP tunnel.
It is possible to view a database’s tree structure in the main window, so that you can easily browse through your indexes and tables, while you can also create new ones, import them using extensions such as DB, DBF, TXT, CSV, HTML, XLS, XML, MDB and JSON, or export tables using the aforementioned file types.
Back up data, batch process items and generate reports
You can view a list of triggers, as well as create new ones, input new queries and execute them. Reports can be generated and designed from a dedicated window, while you can back up all your data, so as to be sure you do not accidentally delete important items or make unwanted changes.
Last but not least, batch jobs are supported at a scheduled time, you can add certain items to favorites, so that you can find them faster, as well as transfer and sync data, and use a search function and a built-in console.
Conclusion and performance
It does not require a large amount of system resources in order to work properly, and it did not pop up any errors, hang or crash during our tests.
All things considered, we can safely say that Navicat for SQLite is an efficient piece of software when it comes to handling SQLite databases. It presents an intuitive interface and all tasks are completed in a timely manner.









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Navicat for SQLite is a free software to manage and optimize your SQLite databases for Mac, Windows and Linux computers. The application can be used for various purposes, including preparing and optimizing databases, import and export SQLite databases, creating triggers, views and procedures, generating reports, creating a new database, manipulate table rows, delete/add/update table fields, and many more.
Navicat for SQLite compares fairly well with a number of other solutions in the software market, and with the reasonable price (only USD 59.95) it is certainly worth considering.

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Navicat For SQLite Crack + For PC [Latest 2022]

Navicat for SQLite is the most powerful and advanced client for MySQL, MariaDB, Firebird, SQLite, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server databases, which is useful for SQL enthusiasts who are not able to use multiple databases to work with any of them.
It comes with a wide selection of pre-installed SQL statements, as well as the ability to make custom ones.
It has a powerful and convenient SQL Builder for convenient modification of your database data, along with a SQL console that enables you to define tables, create tables, calculate and summarize data, create indices, and perform other operations.
Plus, you can easily and instantly connect to any database using a data source, import and export data, and generate reports.
Supports Database Viewers, including tsv, vio, dbf, txt, xls, mdw, hdb, html, csv, xml, rpt, sql, mdb, jdb, bcp, reg, tp, mysql, odbc, post, sqlite, sqlserver, mssql, oracle, ibmdb, mssqlserver, access, pgsql, and oracle.
Navicat for SQLite Pricing:

Navicat for SQLite is available for download free of charge, as there is no serial number required to use it.

Navicat for SQLite Screenshots:

Navicat for SQLite Review by AB Software:

Main features

Simple to use interface


Installs as SQLite, MySQL, MariaDB, Firebird

Supports import and export

Supports batch processing

Database UI

Save results as report

Restore export.

Run file queries

Data migration.

Schedules batch processing and full backup



Transfer databases from an embedded SQLite DB or to your Navicat Cloud Server

Import databases from an embedded SQLite DB or to your Navicat Cloud Server

Import database from an SQLite folder

Export database from your Navicat Cloud server to your local computer using WebSocket.

MySQL & MariaDB users can use MySQL GUI with some additional features.

SQLite users can use inbuilt SQLite GUI

All kinds of tables

Allowed output database formats

Run query files

Create, edit and drop

Navicat For SQLite

An advanced software that allows you to browse, update, schedule, export, import, explore, view, and backup your database. It allows you to execute stored procedures and queries, and create and drop tables, views, triggers, and insert, update, and delete rows, as well as recover and export your database.
In short, this is an ideal solution that will work for all types of users, even those with no previous experience.
Main Features of Navicat for SQLite:
• High performance
• Support multiple development platforms and multiple editions
• Database import, export, schedule, manage, security, backup, and repair
• Editable queries and stored procedures
• Query and stored procedure logging
• Dynamic SQL editor
• Query completion with codes
• File recovery
• Drag and drop interface
• Interactive graphs
• Built-in database editor
• SQLite 3.1, SQLite 3.0, SQLite 2.x, SQLite 1.x compatibility
• 4GB file size limit
• Localized for more than 85 languages
• Sort, filter, and group
• Full text search
• Unicode: UTF-8, ASCII, Latin-1, Shift-JIS, euc-kr, Windows-1252, ISO-8859-1, ISO-8859-15
• Unicode: UTF-16, UTF-32
• Sorted query view
• Navicat for SQLite Version :
• Free: 2.0.13
• Paid: 3.0.x
• Navicat Cloud: 5.0.x

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What’s New in the Navicat For SQLite?

The database includes an in-depth options menu, where you can browse through various useful options. You can set up the database with just a few clicks, via a nice wizard. It takes a total of just a few seconds to complete the process, and you can also start the necessary extensions. Once the database has been connected, you can view any of the folders that it has available, select the desired database file, choose the databases that you wish to examine, as well as manage the permissions of each of these files and folders.
Export and import tables, as well as gather data
We know that once you have established your database, you will be searching for ways to export your data to other databases, import tables from other databases, gather information, and sort it according to your needs.
In order to achieve that, you can export a list of tables, views and columns to a file, import databases and tables to this file, modify data as you see fit and sort them by clicking the buttons offered in the interface.
Access databases and servers
Of course, this is one of the greatest advantages of Navicat for SQLite, as it allows you to connect to your SQLite databases and servers on a local network, as well as access them from anywhere, at any time, even when offline.
It also consists of a New Server panel, as well as an Import and Export panel.
When it comes to the New Server panel, you can access and connect to databases and servers both on your computer and on the cloud, while it is possible to extract the data from these databases to local databases.
SQLite Management Features:
The database incorporates a simple-to-handle interface that is well-organized. It includes a menu bar, several buttons and two panes where it is possible to browse a folder structure of the selected database, while it is also possible to view the information you have selected.
Export databases and databases tables
It is possible to export a database to SQLite, as well as a database file (DB, DBF, TXT, CSV, HTML, XLS, XML, MDB and JSON). You can use file extensions such as DB, DBF, XLS, TXT, CSV, HTML, XML, MDB and JSON.
Back up databases
You can back up databases that you have stored locally, as well as store the database in the cloud. It is also possible to schedule a backup in advance.
Report, search and

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, 8, or 10
Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-2500K @ 3.3 GHz
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7970
DirectX®: Version 11
Storage: 20 GB available space
OS: OS X 10.9 or newer
Processor: Intel® Core™ i5
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 or AMD Radeon HD 7870

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