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Customized security solutions are a must for companies, institutions or individuals who deal with high-risk data and require constant protection against malware and viruses. The Kaspersky Anti-Virus administration kit is designed to simplify this operation, allowing you to manage all the installed Kaspersky AV products, from one single platform.
The Kaspersky Administration Kit Cracked Version is a centralized platform intended for the business user, allowing the consolidation of the security system across a company and the efficient management of all the installed Kaspersky protection products.
Enables a straightforward remote administration of small and large networks
As it is mainly addressed to the corporate environment, it allows the remote administration of networks of all sizes, from the ones that include a few computers to others with more complex structures and hardware configurations, containing a mixture of workstations and servers.
A noteworthy feature is related to the management of all connected computers from a single workstation that allows the fast deployment and updating of antivirus software on each monitored system and the configuration of functioning settings for each installed Kaspersky product, using forthright wizards to guide you throughout each operation.
As you would have guessed, these actions are performed without interfering with the work of the end users or requiring their assistance. Furthermore, non-interactive management blocks any attempt to make changes to security software, preventing actions that could expose the network or leave it defenseless.
Comes with scheduler, advanced notification and backup options
Thanks to the notification function, administrators can receive event alerts via e-mail or SMS and solve security-related issues more promptly, before company data is compromised. Moreover, group tasks allow you to schedule various actions, such as malware scans on one or more computers, while the report generator assists you in getting details concerning the security status of each system and statistical data.
Collected data on the administration server can be viewed using the ‘Repository’ section or backed up, saving you the trouble of re-configuring settings upon re-installation.
Kaspersky Administration Kit helps you deploy antivirus solutions, change real-time protection settings, update definition databases, get reports on triggered alerts, analyze possible threats and perform other similar tasks from a single place. It enables you to implement a trustworthy security policy to cover all the connected devices and restrict access to network resources for the ones that do not comply.
Kaspersky Administration Kit Features:

Consolidate and manage all Kaspersky products from a central server

Standard remote management settings and screenshots for the visual

Kaspersky Administration Kit Crack Activation Code Free

* Supports every Kaspersky security product installed on a network
* Allows management of hundreds of computers
* Performs a wide range of operations, without interfering with the end users
* Provides fast, efficient and reliable remote administration
* Provides 24-hour management of security solutions on each computer
* Simplifies the operating process and protects data from threats
* Shows reports on detected threats and enables you to download them
* Analyzes possible threats and helps you to identify the real ones
* Helps to prevent a wide range of attacks
* Can be used for both small and large networks
* Provides backup options for system data
* Gives you the possibility to customize alerts in real time
* Enables remote control of an external PC
* Facilitates the deployment of security software
* Enables easy, quick and safe deployment of security software on a network
* Easy to use interface
* Efficient and reliable
* Password-protected installation
* Provides periodic backup and restores
* Can be used as an offline standalone file system
* Provides different Windows OS support
* Runs as an unattended service
* Runs in the background
* Supports all Windows editions: 7, 8 and Windows Server 2008 and 2012
* Does not interfere with end-users and system functions
* Can be used as a standalone server for the management of Kaspersky protection products
* Contains virtual machines that run on Microsoft Virtual PC, Oracle VirtualBox and VirtualBox
* Assists in the administration of all connected Kaspersky computers
* Provides 24-hour remote management of the Internet Connection Status, showing all connected computers and the IP Address that controls the connection
* Includes the Live Update feature, which means that you can update the software as you work, without the need for Internet connection
* Provides a number of tools that allow you to import/export setting files, upload and download files and run analysis on files
* Provides the Antivirus definition update feature, allowing you to check a computer for any missing definitions and make sure that you are always up to date


enables you to perform remote management of Kaspersky protection products across a company and the efficient management of all the installed products

Supports every Kaspersky security product installed on a network

Allows management of hundreds of computers

Performs a wide range of operations, without interfering with the end users

Provides 24-hour management of security solutions on each computer

Simplifies the operating process and

Kaspersky Administration Kit Crack +

Performs remote maintenance of Kaspersky EndPoint Security products, supporting the Kaspersky products that are on the market and supporting legacy products that are not.
Kaspersky Administration Kit is an optional add-on. It does not require the EndPoint Security installation, and can be used with all configurations of Kaspersky EndPoint Security.
Remote administration of the Kaspersky EndPoint Security solution – Centralized administration of all Kaspersky EndPoint Security products, supporting all Kaspersky products that are on the market and supporting legacy products that are not. Allows the centralized management of any number of Kaspersky EndPoint Security products in a single instance of Kaspersky Administration Kit and allow the end user to perform an easier installation, management and maintenance tasks
Centralised installation of Kaspersky EndPoint Security products – Ensures a secure and easy deployment of the Kaspersky EndPoint Security product, by performing a centralized or remote installation of the Kaspersky EndPoint Security product
Extended notification support – Provides an improved notification system for administrators who need to get alerts directly from the Kaspersky Administration Kit instead of from the EndPoint Security product
Standardized environment support – Provides easy administration environment for any number of EndPoint Security products. The Kaspersky Administration Kit can be used with Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2
Extended configuration options – Allows the administrator to configure real time protection, scheduled tasks, registry settings, anti-virus products and reports
Simple built-in Wizards that allow the easy configuration of the system
Resolution support – Receive and solve issues related to EndPoint Security products. Includes support for license key and product registration issues
Configurable Scheduling – Provides administration of the Kaspersky Administration Kit through a custom made scheduling agent
Report support – Allows generation of automatic reports that include malware and file system analysis, information on applications and browser, etc
Access Control – Allows the restriction of certain users to access a specific computer/workstation
Backup & Restore – Enables the recovery of Kaspersky EndPoint Security data
Group Tasks – Enables the management of various tasks to be performed simultaneously on a specific number of computers, so that the administrator need not perform them one by one
Kaspersky Administration Kit Requirements:
Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2
At least 1 GB of RAM
Net Framework 4.0
Internet Explorer 9
Windows Authentication or N

What’s New in the?

• Easy to use – no user interface, no elements to configure
• Clean – components are fully integrated into Kaspersky Engine
• Scalable – works with all the current Kaspersky products on the market
• Cloud-based – fully automated, without the need to download, install or configure
• Secure – virus definitions are updated in real time, preventing false positives and accessing to information
• Scalable – work with large networks of any size
• Better – scheduled tasks allow to perform remote interventions without affecting end-users, making it the best solution to maintain your computer network in an optimal state
• Easier – remote administration without the need of a software installation, with a secure connection and a centralized database
• Focused – all the new features that make Kaspersky Administration Kit the best fit for the corporate environment
• More reliable – provide a secure solution that has been tested to be flawless

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System Requirements For Kaspersky Administration Kit:

Windows XP or Windows Vista.
2 GHz processor or better
256 MB memory
750 MB free hard disk space
Mac OS X 10.6 or later.
500 MB free hard disk space
iPhone/iPod touch 2.0 or later
iPhone/iPod touch 1.0 or later
iPod touch 160 GB or later
Mobile Safari 3.0 or later
Java 1.7 or later
Memory: 128 MB RAM

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