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Elise allows you to draw complicated shapes with minimum effort. Practically, the application draws the shapes itself, after you have given it a few instructions.
The designs that it generates are similar to fractals, which can help you create trees and crystals. You just have to specify the iterations number, the angle and the scaling. The rest is up to Elise!


Download ✦✦✦ DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download ✦✦✦ DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






Elise 0.3.4 Crack + Download [Mac/Win] (Updated 2022)

– Create beautiful 3D objects
– Draw complex forms at your computer
– Step-by-step guidance
– Choose from several realistic and fantastic materials
– Six different drawing tools
– Stamp the design after it’s been created
– View your designs from multiple angles
– And much more
How to use it:
– Download the free Elise Cracked Version app from Apple or Android
– Then you can play with the parameters and create amazing designs
Drawing Feature:
– The app allows you to create striking forms
– Elise provides you with clear and colorful instructions
– Once you’ve drawn your design, you’ll have the option of stamping it on your paper, canvas, or in your phone
Tips and tricks:
– If you are a beginner, it might be helpful to read Elise’s suggestions on how to make your designs more elaborate
– You’ll want to zoom in to get a closer look at intricate details
– You’ll have the option of stamping your designs on canvas, paper, phone, or other surfaces
– You can save your designs using the backup mode, in case you want to re-draw them
– The app also features automatic pattern drawings
– There’s a very impressive feature where you can draw certain shapes using a single finger. For example, you can draw a circle by swiping along the edge of your finger from top to bottom.
More Info:
Please feel free to contact me at:
Email: elise.app@gmail.com
Contact: custserv@elise.app
All rights reserved.
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Elise 0.3.4 Crack [Win/Mac]

Elise is able to describe itself with a string that can be read by PCL-CAPI (the windows API) and can be called with a command line, or even more simply over a scripting language.
It allows to modify its internal representation of the scenes and to save them under many formats, like PNG, BMP, GIF and PDF.
It has basic 3D features, like sphere, box, cylinder or cone…See more

“Elise Language” is a formal language to speak about Elise. It allows to describe the various elements that compose a scene, like the position of a sphere, the size of the box or the direction that the cone is pointing to. Then you can chain these elements to create more complicated scenes and do millions of transforms.
See more

Elise Language Description:

“Elise Language” is a formal language to speak about Elise. It allows to describe the various elements that compose a scene, like the position of a sphere, the size of the box or the direction that the cone is pointing to. Then you can chain these elements to create more complicated scenes and do millions of transforms.
See moreQ:

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Elise 0.3.4 Crack+ Free Download

“Your destiny is to create amazing 3D art!
Endless shapes and beautiful structures are hidden in the toolbox Elise. What you see is just the tip of the iceberg.
Make your dreams come true and get Elise for free today!”
What’s New in Elise
*Amazing new shapes and capabilities!
*Shapes and Paths for Screens and Cardboards
*New interface
*Great new features
*Transformation of the Paths
*Draw something new every time you start a new game!
*Transform the outline of your drawing with just a touch!
*Move, rotate and scale objects in the path to change the shapes!
*Draw the object in the path from the Viewport or SVG Editor!
*Undo, Redo and Cut/Paste
*Color, size and opacity
*Adjust the view to fit your needs and device
*SVG Editor
*Color Picker
*File Upload
*Font Picker
*Path Dialog
*Path Dialog
*Save and Load
*Paths and Handles
*Toolbar and Back
*Reset Path and View
*Reset Path and View
*Revert Path
*Paths and Handles
*Export to SVG
*Save Path as SVG
*Connections with other path objects
*Merge Paths
*Draw Path on Screen
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Thanks for reading!
Now with thanks to:
*Jóhanna Domingos (for the game assets)
*Fernanda Faria (website + graphic assets)
You can find the developer’s contact info on his blog:


With a focus on speed, simplicity, and

What’s New in the Elise?

Elise is a drawing application that allows users to design fractal objects from predefined templates. The shapes, one- or multi-thread, are produced as images. The user may draw the geometry, make transformations and insert/delete parts of the objects. In version 1.1, the program also allows the user to fill the shapes and export them to several formats. Elise can be used on both Windows (XP or later) and Linux.
The most important features of Elise are:
– large drawing canvas
– ability to save output as images, svg, pdf, jpg or png
– use of Python 2.6, which supports SVG format
– configurable threshold (minimum and maximum contour length)
– several geometry shapes: line, arc, circle, ellipse, polyline, curve
– possibility to define thickness and the fill color to each of the lines and arcs
– straightforward way to get a close look at the shape (add a dotted square or line)
– double click on a shape to add or delete parts (using the context menu)
– ability to set several colors to the drawn lines
– transparent parts in line and arc shapes
– ability to create multifractal, branching, self-similar objects
– creation of low zoom fractal images and export them to pdf, jpg or png
– ability to use the transformation tool to rotate, scale and translate
– a lot of useful shapes (rectangle, arrow, fractal, polyline, arc, ellipse and even circles, trapezoids, and so on)
– more than 200 pre-defined templates
– more than 6000 design combinations
– ability to save in svg (using the WbViewer example)
– better performance (and speed)
– ability to compare two images
– ability to mark shapes in a shape and export them as group of shapes, to add more to them and specify the number of copies
– ability to export to common oled graphics formats
– ability to export to HTML
– configuration of default settings from a XML file

Still looking for a modern drawing application with basic options to create project-specific templates? Try Henry 1.2!
Intended to be a drawing program for artist or graphic designers, Henry 1.2 brings the advantages of a vector program to the Windows desktop.
Specifically, the program is bundled with an array of brushes and a web browser using the HTML5 Canvas element.

System Requirements:

Only the Special Edition of SWTOR: Inquisition will be supported on the PlayStation 4 platform.
The download version of SWTOR: Inquisition for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms is compatible with Windows 10 and is supported on all major operating systems.
Minimum System Requirements:
Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: 64-bit versions of the following operating systems are supported:
Windows 10
Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows XP SP2
Mac OS X 10.6.8 and

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