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If your daily routine revolves around PDF files, you must be here looking for an application to help with your tasks. CoolNew PDF might be the tool you're looking for, considering it sports a lot of features, handy for managing documents. Editing, converting, splitting, combining, annotating, and protecting your files is a taste of what the app can do, but it's not limited to that.
Two sides of the same coin
CoolNew PDF comes with a flashy interface, yet it is intuitive and easy to navigate through. Using the ribbon, one can sift through the categories of available functions. Each ribbon entry comes with its own toolbar holding features specific to its description. For example, Comment deals with text — highlighting, underlining, and deploying sticky notes are things you can do from there.
Regarding the two sides implies having two UIs in this case, and that's obvious right after the installation is over and two shortcuts are created on the screen. While this might be confusing for some, it appears it was implemented to keep things neat, avoiding cluttering the first interface. In short, the default UI is but a simple launching pad for the converter, which deals with the practical side of things.
Can cover most PDF needs
A PDF utility that has an answer for most issues that may rise, must be a keeper. CoolNew PDF can export most Office documents to and from PDF. The same rule applies to images as well. Merging, splitting, and extracting pages and pictures are the most basic features a PDF manager can have, but they are critical to own.
Furthermore, one can apply watermarks and encrypt files with ease, for when protection is necessary, and an OCR tool can help with extracting text from images, saving a lot of typing time.
To summarize, CoolNew PDF is not the first nor the last application to be developed for PDF management. An over-saturated market will always push clones forward, but that's not the case with this app. Despite it doing what most similar apps can do, CoolNew PDF manages to look fresh, and deliver a somewhat unique yet familiar experience.







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Safe and secure PDF editing
PDF contents can be annotated, underlined, and marked with various sticky notes
Extract text from images within PDF file
Create and edit PDF file
Split and combine PDF

CoolNew PDF –
What’s New
Added support for Microsoft Office 2010 and 2013
Support for IPTC/XMP/IIM/IPF metadata
Several bug fixes
Lots of stability improvements

CoolNew PDF –
What’s New
Support for Office 2010 and 2013! What this means is that you don’t need to keep switching to different software because it works with specific document extensions (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.)
New features that should help with the new version of Microsoft Office
Imported metadata

CoolNew PDF –
What’s New
Bug fixes
Improvements in stability, speed and general user experience

CoolNew PDF –
What’s New
Removed two shortcuts since they don’t work on Windows 8+
Minor bug fixes

CoolNew PDF –
What’s New
No huge changes have been made, but some are emerging as soon as possible. More and more features will appear with each new version; it’s just a matter of time before they arrive.

CoolNew PDF –
What’s New
Please see the release notes for the new changes

CoolNew PDF –
What’s New
– Added a new engine for password encryption. Thanks to this, it’s now possible to encrypt the file using a personal password.
– Added support for Windows 8
– Added support for password creation. Thanks to this, it’s now possible to encrypt the file using a personal password.
– Added support for IPTC/XMP/IIM/IPF metadata.
– Support for shortcut keys. Now, this is not necessarily a new feature, but when you need to type in an ID or a particular password, you can have it done automatically.
– Improved stability.
– Improved graphic rendering
– General bug fixes and speed improvements


Is there a need to explain what the need is for adding and removing metadata from a document? Do we need to elaborate on the functions of the encryption tool? No, we don’t. CoolNew PDF provides a great deal of features, and they are all critical to the fact that you get a well-rounded program. It’s not packed with certain applications, but it gives you the chance to

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No more loose threads.
Free PDF Tool that changes the way you manage your PDF.
Now, how to change the way you manage your PDFs? Just turn them into notes. You can put sticky notes, images, fonts, and so on!
You’re constantly using your PDFs and it bothers you to see them spread out all over the PC? With CoolPDF you can organize your PDFs by exporting them to a text file or creating new folders!
You’re constantly downloading new PDFs, and you need to be more organized? How about splitting and merging your PDFs?
Create PDF notes that you can print, fill out, and organize.
Manage your PDFs at a glance.
Find the right page.
CoolPDF even supports annotations in text!
Almost as easy as using Microsoft Word to edit your PDFs.
Automatically turn your PDFs into elegant notes with CoolPDF!

CoolPDP Features:

Manage your PDFs like you use your notes!
The best way to manage your PDFs
– Get organized!
– Easily move to the right page
– Easily make your own PDF notes
– Convert PDFs to text
– Almost as easy to use as Microsoft Word!
– Split and merge PDFs
– Create notes for each and every PDF
– Annotate all your PDFs and text!
– And much more!

CoolDND Features:

Hide your PDFs so you never have to read them
Keep your PDFs out of reach
– No more loose threads.
– Easily manage your PDFs
– Take your PDFs and move them around.
– Send them to the trash
– Hide them from your screen.

CoolTrans Features:

Convert PDF files and folders to text files
Share with others with ease
Upload and download files with ease
Merge PDF files with ease
Split files to all pages
Unlock files using your password
Export all files at once, page by page
View a list of all files converted
View export options
View folder and subfolder options
Import files from text documents and files
Create your own password

CoolEditor Features:

Insert images and convert to text
Insert a file at a specific page
Insert a picture frame
View text pages
Reorder pages
View paper size
View text size
View font information
Insert a web page link
Insert web page

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Export and convert files. Merge and split PDF documents. Print and email PDF documents.

Keep your documents safe with a password protector. Keep a record of your documents with comment, bookmark, annotate, and add sticky notes.

CoolNew PDF Conclusions:

It comes with a nice, cool, and clean interface. It has a ton of useful features that facilitate even the simplest tasks. It is more than a PDF manager, however. It allows quick conversions from office formats as well, so it’s a handy PDF converter for all formats of documents you might deal with.
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What’s New In CoolNew PDF?

System Requirements For CoolNew PDF:

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