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Photoshop CS3 is the first version that supports 16-bit color, meaning you can create black, white, and gray channels for each color in your image. If you are familiar with Photoshop, you may want to stick with the 24-bit version to save space and use 16-bit color at a later time.

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Key features

You can download the full version of Photoshop Elements and open.PSD files, which means you can edit those files with all the features of Photoshop.

Image editing

With Photoshop Elements, you can:

Change the colour of your photos or videos.

Add filters and effects.

Apply creative effects to your photos.

Enhance the lighting and contrast of your photos.

Combine photos into a collage.

Blend photos using multiple images and a mask.

Remove unwanted objects from a photo, such as people, buildings, or any unwanted objects such as pet animals.

Combine multiple photos to create a panorama.

Remove dust, scratches and fingerprints from images.

Adjust shadows and brightness

Many people use Photoshop as a normal editor but know there are many other useful, all-purpose tools that can help you make things look better in your images. Photoshop Elements has these tools. They include:

Sharpen the details of an image.

Remove lens-distortion and other types of distortion in a picture.

Remove noise and blur from an image.

Remove dust and scratches from an image.

Smooth out the perspective of a picture.

Optimize the colours of your photos.

If you shoot videos, you can also use most of these features, such as adding filters, removing unwanted objects and compressing video.


As well as using the filters to change the appearance of your photos, you can also use these filters to:

Help your photos or videos look their best.

Add special effects to your photos.

Enhance the lighting in your photos.

Apply artistic effects to your photos.

If you can use a filter in Photoshop, you can use it in Elements.

Combining images

If you want a photo of multiple images or photos you can create a panorama by combining them in Photoshop Elements. You can use a selection tool to select the parts of each image that you want to use.


Panorama is a way of creating a 360° photo that is an image of the view you get of an area when you tilt your camera all the way round. You can use a digital camera to create a panorama. You can use the camera’s autofocus feature to help you capture the best-quality images and create a good-quality

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Registration Code

The Open Thread (9/5/12)

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I didn’t think I’d see the day when Obama weighed in on health reform. I thought it would be…uh, a year or so? That said, here he is, subtly making the case for what may have been the single biggest policy initiative this year:

You know, I still remember when the idea of universal health care coverage was considered radical. Progressives had a vision of a government-run system, with government control over every aspect of your life. Some, like me, believed that tax-dollars should be spent on expanding the number of doctors and hospitals, not on uninsured people’s health care.

In practice, universal health care would have meant more than 2 million people would have no health insurance. And it could have cost the economy hundreds of billions of dollars. It was a vision that was rooted in a time when our economy was growing at a record pace; everyone could get the health care they needed and people were choosing to work longer hours and take more risks. That’s the America we want to go back to, and it’s the reason I ran for president in the first place.

I’m not saying I’m in favor of a Canadian-style system, but every health insurance system in the world operates on the concept of universal coverage.

It’s possible I’ll be wrong. I have the same lingering doubt when I hear conservatives talk about small government. But you know what the real problem with that term is? It’s universal; it’s what we all say and believe in.

We are not the people who will live in the country for the next 20 years; the people who will be on the receiving end of every major federal effort from now on will be their kids. They’re the people who want to change who I am as a person, not just their body, not just the next generation. For them, demanding big government (and I’m not talking about a traditional government, big and muscular, trying to preserve and promote our country and way of life) is an absurdity.

I can understand why Obama talks this way, and I know there’s not a whole lot he can do to bring this about

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Can I use oledb to connect to SQL Server in VB.Net?

I am trying to convert a web app from VB6 to VB.Net.
In VB6, I used an ADO connection to a SQL Server.
Now in VB.NET, I am using an OleDbConnection and I am having problems with understanding what is the format of the connection string. My app doesn’t recognize the parameters in the string.
Can anyone explain what the best way is to connect to an SQL Server using VB.Net?


You can use Microsoft.VisualBasic.dll which will provide access to the Visual Basic 6.0 constructs in your code. You won’t be using a Connection object but rather an IDataReader object (with a similar interface).
So the connection string is like this in VB.Net:
Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;Data Source=;Initial Catalog=;Persist Security Info=False


Symfony 5 autowire service

All I want to do is autowire a service into my constructor.
I have a service named configuration.
I want to create a config service which will store data from config.yaml in my app/config/config.php
Here is what I tried, I have a config.yaml and two classes
adapter_name: myadapter

adapter_name: myadapter


System Requirements:

Control Shuriken
In order to fire Shuriken while riding, you will first need to equip the Control Shuriken. This can be found by purchasing the “Control Shuriken” from the Weapon Store. This is located in the Inventory menu and costs 10 Silver Coins.
Drop Shuriken
You can equip the Drop Shuriken, as long as you already have the Control Shuriken equipped. The Drop Shuriken can be found by purchasing it from the Weapon Store. It is located in the Inventory menu and costs 25 Silver Coins

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