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Importing images Photoshop creates _layer styles_ for layers that require any color correction (such as pulling out unwanted colors in a picture or lightening or darkening an image). As an author, you can add color correction to any layer in your own styles. However, you must first import an image into a file. Only then can you apply a style. In Photoshop, the function that imports an image file is called either Import or Place. To place an image in Photoshop, in the **Window** menu, choose **Window** ⇒ **Photoshop Place.**

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Adobe Photoshop Elements has a small selection of tools for editing images. Unlike its professional counterpart, Photoshop, Photoshop Elements doesn’t come with a huge number of filters. However, a number of free online filters are available to use. In this article, we will share how to edit images with Photoshop Elements. Note: The tutorials and guides mentioned in this article are for Photoshop Elements version 8, later versions may have slight differences. Read this article and go through the tutorial to familiarize yourself with the interface before you start editing your images. Image: Shutterstock 1. Opening and editing an image Before you start editing your image, you need to first open the file from your computer. If you are saving an image from your mobile phone, then you can just open the image from your gallery. Either way, you will need to click on the “file” option at the top right of the interface before you can start editing. An interface with filters You will see a layout similar to the below image. Click on the gear icon on the far right of the top toolbar. You will see a drop-down menu with the option for “Image & Video”. You can also access this menu using a hotkey combination. Open the image file and click on the “Image & Video” option If you have any cropped images, then the option “Crop” can open the image in the best format possible. If you haven’t cropped the image, then you can still crop the image. Click on the Crop option and then click on the square crop tool and make a crop of the image. This will open the image so you can quickly crop the image. You can also crop the image using a rectangle tool. The image above is a 1600 × 1200 px image. Therefore, the crop tool is removed by default. You can change the crop size by clicking on the “Crop Size” option. Image: Shutterstock The crop tool can also be accessed by pressing Ctrl + 1. You can access the crop tool options by clicking on the crop tool. Click on the crop tool to open the crop tool options. You can access the crop tool options by clicking on the crop tool. You can use either the rectangular or square tool to crop your image. The image on the right has been cropped a681f4349e

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Q: Caching and Piping / Streaming TCP Clients I am developing a game server which will be hosting a Unity game. The game communicates to the server through the use of TCP to receive and send data. I have implemented a pub/sub system for the client to send data, however, it gets quite laggy when many clients (in range of 200-300) are connected to the same server, and the server has to process this data into messages. Each client also has to be able to detect when their messages have been processed, however I think this may be the reason why the clients get laggy. I would like to not have to split the messages between this many clients, but rather to pipe/stream the messages to clients, so that the client just receives a continous stream of messages. I thought this should be possible in c# with System.IO.StreamReader/Writing but have not been able to find anything to make that happen. I have also looked into Redis as a possible option but I dont think it is possible to have a key per client in Redis. It is important that the system is live, so nothing should be stored on the server. I thought about faking this server as a normal TCP server without pub/sub, and do some sort of round-robin to avoid any lag by getting data from the clients, but I am not sure that’s enough. Question: How can I, given my situation, get a continuous stream of messages to stream to all clients without slowing down the server? Edit: I have been able to fake a redis implementation for it, if anyone wonders. A: It’s hard to say without more information about your problem or maybe even some idea what might solve the lag. What you could do is to use a message bus to just distribute messages to all clients. The clients should subscribe to some kind of message bus. There are several possible solutions. Take a look at MassTransit, NServiceBus or RabbitMQ for example (maybe there are others). You would have to take care about connection state. A message should be deserialized into the same structure to be able to be processed (and re-serialized afterwards). If clients reconnected, the message bus would have to re-subscribe them. There are systems which you can just implement which might make things easier. RabbitMQ is available as a library for.

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1. From the Application menu, select **Brushes**. 2. **Click the New Brush Button**. 3. Choose **Radial-Pattern**. 4. Make sure your foreground color is white (Hexadecimal: #FFFFFF or RGB: 255, 255, 255) 5. Click the little box in the top right of the screen to select a white pixel area to copy (as shown in Figure 3.23). 6. Click the **New Brush** button to place a white brush in that selection. 7. Use the Brush Brush tool to paint white into the black hole, surrounding the green crop circle. 8. You should now have a white area in the black hole. 9. Reduce the opacity of the brush to 75%, so that the white color is only partially visible. 10. Reduce the opacity of the brush to 50% (see Figure 3.24). 11. With the brush active, choose the **Magic Wand** tool. 12. Select the area of the image that is not the crop circle. 13. Press and hold the SHIFT key. 14. Click **Crop Cicle**. This will select all of the edges in the crop circle (see Figure 3.25). 15. Set the **Crop Circles** tool to **Fill**. 16. As the crop circle is filled, the rest of the image will be automatically cropped away. FIGURE 3.23 FIGURE 3.24 FIGURE 3.25 # 2. TIMES CROPPING When you are using the Free Transform tool, you can crop the image to any shape, even if it is an irregular shape. You can do this by using the Crop tool. To crop an image, select the **Crop** tool . You can also use the Crop tool to crop a specific area of an image. Just select a rectangle and click the Crop button in the Options bar, or click the rectangle with the mouse. This command crops all of the pixels in that area to a new size. You can also set the Crop tool to a particular area of the image by using the Rectangular or

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– Windows 7/8/10 – 4 GB RAM – Intel Core i3 2.9 GHz System Recommended: – 6 GB RAM In-App Purchases: – No Clash of Clans is a free strategy game. FEATURES – Build your village, army and Javelin Catapult – Fight against rival Clan in real-time

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