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I presume you mean the email was HTML, and not plain text, as HTML emails are never ‘text’?
In that case, the quickest way to check is to view the HTML source of the email when it was sent.
Depending on the email program you’re using, you could also right-click on the email, go to the ‘View’ menu and select ‘View Source’ or similar.
EDIT: You could also open the email directly in a web browser, and see what the HTML source is (eg.

How we plan to escape the middle-class hell – eindico

How will people eke out a living in the middle-class hell? I’m past the
ages/stages where the family car is taken away and replaced with a bicycle,
but I’ve never been a family with a car, and have to use public transport even
when I could drive. I find that the middle-class hell is just the sense that
I’m not earning enough for a car, or can’t buy one.

That’s a fair point. What I mean to show is that the free market has provided
for these new car-free ways to earn a living but that it is up to individuals
to seek them out. We’re coming from a place of privilege and so it is easy for
me to live without a car. I’m just showing that others don’t have these


Convert String to Array

I have an API returning a JSON like this:

I want to convert this into an array in PHP. I have tried using json_decode() with various options, but none of them are working.
I tried with:
$response = json_decode($_GET[‘json’]);
$response = json_decode($_GET[‘json’], true);

I wanted to just get the values in an array, but

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