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History [ edit ]

AutoCAD was first developed as DeskCAD (dynamic CADD) at the University of Utah in the early 1980s, but was shelved when the author had to abandon his job due to a health issue. This left the university with a hard drive containing the program, which grew to over 2.5 million bytes of code. After a few years of development, the creators took out a license with 3D Systems and published it in 1982. In 1986 Autodesk purchased the original company, creating a software company, Autodesk, Inc., and marketing AutoCAD worldwide. In 1990, Autodesk released the first personal computer (PC) version of AutoCAD, running on a PC/XT.

Features [ edit ]

When released, AutoCAD was one of the few CAD packages for the PC that allowed engineering professionals to create complex drawings without the need to use a mainframe computer. Later, users discovered that the application was also capable of creating line drawing, 2D drafting and architectural drawings. AutoCAD offers four levels of drawing types:

2D Drafting (levels of drafting from drafting to architectural)

2D Design (levels of design from engineering to architectural)

3D Modeling (levels of modeling from engineering to architectural)

Real Time 3D (levels of modeling from engineering to architectural)

AutoCAD supports a large number of 2D drawing objects, including lines, circles, arcs, ellipses, rectangles, polygons, polar grids, text, dimensions, tables, gauges, doors, windows, views, sections, exploded views, compression, grids, and shells. Some of the 3D objects include 3D objects, shells, and solids. AutoCAD supports various file formats, including dxf, stp, and eps. AutoCAD also offers interfaces with Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

When first released, the application’s primary purpose was as a drafting and architectural design tool for engineers and architects. Over time, however, AutoCAD’s functions have expanded to include presentation tools, and its use as a CAD application has become widespread. AutoCAD is a commercial product and requires subscription fees for use. AutoCAD can be purchased as a desktop version, or as a mobile (iOS or Android), web (HTML5), or cloud (Azure or Amazon Web Services) application.

Awards [ edit ]


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Support for BMP, CGM, EMF, PNG, PSD, PNM, SDC, TGA and TIFF image formats.
Support for both raster (bitmap) images and vector graphics files such as DXF, DWG, SVG and GIS, CAD files and PDF files.
Support for rendering text in multiple font styles (bold, italic, underline).
Support for custom fonts.
Graphics support for preparing layers, symbols and drawings for creating and editing raster images.
Support for multiline text.
Support for automatic line spacing, text spacing and text wrapping.
Support for drawing a hierarchy of layers.
Support for editing via keyboard only.
Support for reading (and writing) BMP, CGM, EMF, PNG, PSD, PNM, TIFF, and SDC file formats.
Support for custom paper sizes.
The Import command (import DXF, DWG, SVG, PDF, RTF, and many other formats)
The Export command (export DXF, DWG, SVG, PDF, and many other formats).
The Print command (print DWG, DXF, PDF, RTF, and many other formats).
The Layout tab (convert DWG to DXF, or vice versa, or, convert any type of DWG to any other format, or convert any type of DXF to any other format).
The drawing tools (select, transform, move, rotate, scale, mirror, and edit with graphite)
Options for selecting tool handles, having them snap to corners, etc.
Library tools (select tool, fill/stroke, color, line, polyline, arc, ellipse, text, move tool, select objects, and generate)
The drawing workspace (load or save, change settings, and use the tools and commands on the main toolbar)
The plotter (compile drawings, layer symbols, and fill symbols)

The application’s main limitation is the relatively slow speed of its operating system. In addition, some DPI-specific issues with resolution and screen size settings may have been fixed in newer versions of AutoCAD Product Key.

AutoCAD Architecture
AutoCAD Architecture is a 3D CAD-based design package that is primarily used for the architecture industry. It is a commercial version of AutoCAD, and is compatible with AutoCAD X, AutoCAD LT, AutoCAD 2009 and later

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On the left side of Autocad, click on Plugins > Getting Started.

Click on Import 3D Files.

If you want to import the 3D file, drag and drop the file in the box.

If you want to convert a 3D file to a 2D file, click on Export 2D Files.

Click on the default file.

Click on Export 2D Files.

Click on the default folder.

Name the file and click on Save.

Convert a 3D file to a 2D file
If you want to convert a 3D file to a 2D file, click on Convert.

Make sure Autodesk Autocad is activated.

Open the folder where you have placed the file.

Copy the generated.2d file.

Rename the file.

Click on Convert.

You have just successfully converted a 3D file to a 2D file.



Autocad. Autodesk was the dominant CAD design software of the 90s. Recently, Autodesk made a push to transition away from its dominance and now has Autocad Classic, which is a traditional CAD application for the traditional 2D drawing market.
There is also a separate application, Autocad LT which is a collection of enhancements to Autocad Classic and it does not require a premium subscription to use it.
For 3D modelling (the 3D drawing market) there is Autodesk Revit. This is also free for non-commercial use. You need a subscription for 3D printing, though.

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Add comments to your documents directly from your screen. Use the keyboard to type notes, then reference these comments from anywhere in the drawing. (video: 1:23 min.)

Display the detailed history of all design activity, from changing fonts to edits to comments.

Adjust the view of design changes: Review a version’s code history (what changes were made to the file and when), design history (what changed in the drawing, and why), and comments (what designers thought was important). (video: 1:03 min.)

Extended Text with Drawing and DPI options:

Extend paragraph text and text in bullets to 80 characters. Add additional characters to text without breaking its layout.

Add a physical paper reference to any drawing.

Update the drawing’s design center to use your drawing’s DPI settings.

Support custom DPI settings.

Add and quickly delete text boxes.

Use text in a drawing that can be changed without affecting other text in the drawing.

Support portrait and landscape orientation.

Add line breaks to all editable text.

Add centering, justification, and alignment to text.

Adjust text color, size, and outline color.

Use a large variety of fonts.

Add connectors to edges, polygons, and text boxes.

Insert and delete blocks.

Add and delete fields in a drawing.

Create a shared perspective.

Use a shared setup screen to perform common operations.

Copy and paste entire drawings into other drawings.

Enable command history to quickly reuse commands.

Add spaces to a drawing for faster mouse and keyboard navigation.

Support annotations.

Support copy and paste formatting on text.

Add a parameter to the current design operation.

Define parameters and other options for the current design operation.

Allow you to work with multiple drawing files at once.

Add multiple windows to your drawing.

Save drawings to EPS and PDF files.

Add common drawing file attachments.

Find drawings in libraries and import them from the online drawing library.

Open drawings in PDF format.

Launch drawings in presentation format.

Make annotations on drawings.

Link drawings and annotations

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

OS: Windows XP
Processor: AMD Athlon XP
Memory: 512 MB
Video: NVidia GeForce2 GTS
Hard Disk: 1 GB
Sound Card: DirectX compatible
DirectX: 9.0
OS: Windows Vista
Memory: 1 GB
Video: NVidia GeForce3
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