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With its operating system developed by Autodesk, the program has also been used on graphical workstations that used the Windows 3.x operating system, which was based on the same microkernel architecture as the early DOS systems.

History [ edit ]

AutoCAD was originally conceived and designed by Bill Eilers, an AutoDesk employee, and Robert Sommer, an Autodesk employee, during a 2-day workshop in January 1982. Although the working title of the new software application was “AutoDesk”, the name was later changed to “AutoCAD” for trademark reasons. The name was chosen to make it sound similar to “AutoDesk”, the name of the defunct company that produced the multi-user graphics terminals in which the program would be run. The first version of AutoCAD was released to manufacturing in December 1982.

Version 1 [ edit ]

The first version of AutoCAD was an interactive program, primarily designed for use in the production of drawings, and provided users with a drawing area and a set of commands for creating and manipulating such drawings. This was supplemented with a raster graphics editing tool based on the National Semiconductor HD615 Digital Video Graphics Array (DVGA) chip, which produced high-resolution bitmaps, and text editing tools.

Version 2 [ edit ]

The second version of AutoCAD was released on December 1, 1984. As with the first version, it was designed primarily for the production of drawings. In addition to adding the ability to create sheets, AutoCAD 2 included the ability to import external raster images and edit them, by either resizing, rotating, and cropping them, or applying effects such as drop shadows. It also had a choice of tools for converting drawings, including converting shapes to polygons, and editing imported data.

Version 3 [ edit ]

The third version of AutoCAD was released on June 20, 1985, and made significant improvements in the graphically-oriented features of the program. New drawing tools were added, including the ability to edit lines, arcs, and squares, and to view and edit drawings in 3D. Version 3 also introduced graphically-oriented features such as line colors, splines and text; basic image editing tools such as brush and pencil; and improved raster image editing tools. AutoCAD was sold for $3,995 in 1986.

Version 4 [ edit ]

The fourth version of AutoCAD was

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The use of Java and other programming languages to control the software is also supported. This includes AutoCAD’s own Java architecture, which allows for scripting by Java programmers.

In February 2006, Autodesk also released the AutoCAD Architecture System and AutoCAD Electrical System as a service called Autodesk Architectural Network Service. It is a Web-based service and is accessible from any Web browser. With this system, CAD users can now easily obtain AutoCAD’s functionality on demand, both in the cloud and locally, with no installation required. These services are currently supported on Mac OS X and Windows.

With version 2018 of AutoCAD Architecture, there is also a possibility to access a Model Gallery, allowing users to access their models from anywhere, without the need to download the models.

AutoCAD Architecture can also be accessed in a web browser using the developer API. This allows developers to build applications that can interact with the CAD application.

AutoCAD supports Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and other platforms.

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AutoCAD 24.2

Click on the Autocad icon on your desktop.
Click on the Autocad shortcut and select Activate.

You will get this prompt –

You are about to open a program that contains a game.
Are you sure you want to continue?

Click on the Yes button and follow the instructions.

Please take a note that you will not be able to use Autocad without this activation.
Just in case if you face any problems in installing, you can call Autocad support for any issues.

Error: No license has been found for activation of Autocad LT

You can download Autocad LT trial version here.

This error appears if you are trying to activate trial version of Autocad. You cannot use Autocad until you buy Autocad LT.

Error: Invalid version

If you are unable to install Autocad for some reason or are facing an issue during installation, you need to contact Autocad support.

In this case, you are unable to install Autocad due to missing registry entries.

Please follow the steps to reinstall registry:

Click Start
Right click Computer
Go to Manage
Click on Computer Management
In the left window, click on the drive that contains the installation of Autocad
Select the left pane
Click on Administrative Tools
Select the right pane
Click on Services
Locate the Autocad folder in the left window
Click on the right pane
Right click on Autocad
Select properties
In the properties window, click on the Startup tab
Click on the checkbox next to Automatically start at Windows startup
In the right pane, right click on the Autocad button
Click on exit
Restart your computer

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Markup imports only one page at a time, and marks up the drawing areas of the page instead of the entire page. To apply markup, simply open the imported page or select the area to be marked up.

Using the built-in Markup Assist function, you can mark up any area of a page in seconds. That means you can mark up your printed pages in one session, and your typed pages as well. You can even mark up multiple pages from a PDF.

Properties Layout in Tools Palette:

Make fast decisions. Manage your drawings easily by using the Properties Layout tool in the Tools Palette, directly from the command line. (video: 1:55 min.)

View the properties of any feature in your drawing. Click the Properties button in the Tools Palette and the selected feature will appear in the Properties Pane.

Use the Properties Pane to quickly access any property associated with a feature. Properties can be viewed in several different properties panels, including DPI, Layer, Views, Paper Setup, Scale, and other tools. Properties panels also include graphic elements that make properties easier to understand.

Once you open a property panel, the name and value of the property is automatically highlighted. You can adjust the color and size of the highlighting and change the layout of the panel on the fly.

When you select multiple features, the Properties Pane updates with information about each one, including label, properties, and a change history.

Extended Drawing Modeling Capabilities:

Use tools to easily model complex three-dimensional objects in your drawings, like detailed architectural renderings. (video: 1:35 min.)

Use the Advanced Modeling tools to model a part that is composed of two or more other parts. Alternatively, you can create a drawing object that itself contains multiple sub-objects.

Use the Advanced Viewports tools to model views of a complex drawing. You can create a single viewport to display one view or display a different view for each viewport.

Draw objects that have moved or been scaled by using Dynamic Properties. You can synchronize object properties, like colors or linetypes, between your original drawing and a new model you’re creating. (video: 1:13 min.)

Use Dynamic Properties to set the properties of a drawing object based

System Requirements:

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