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AutoCAD [Mac/Win]

Autodesk AutoCAD is one of the most widely used engineering applications available. Versions were released for the Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows platforms. It has since been ported to many other platforms including the following: Android, Apple iOS, BlackBerry OS, Chrome OS, Linux, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Windows Phone, Microsoft Windows, Linux, OS/2 Warp, NeXTstep, OS/2 Warp, Symbian, Symbian S60, Unix and VxWorks. To date, over 8 million customers have purchased AutoCAD and the estimated worldwide installed base is over 9 million. AutoCAD is a popular choice for architects and designers, as well as engineers, draftsmen, and mechanical engineers. Autodesk AutoCAD X is a version of AutoCAD designed for use in the x-ray industry.

AutoCAD is popular with civil and mechanical engineers, architects, and draftsmen. Other industry sectors that use AutoCAD include:

General engineering, architecture, and architectural drafting.

Surveying, site planning and mapping, and land development.

Pipeline and telecom engineering.

Electrical, mechanical, and electronics design.

Governmental drafting and GIS (Geographic Information Systems).

Geotechnical engineering and structural engineering.

Land surveying.

Manufacturing (metal, concrete, plastics, and wood), and engineering services.

Software development, and operations research.

Oil and gas, power generation, and distribution.

Healthcare (medical, nursing, and industrial).

3D printing.

Medical (medical, dental, and pharmaceutical), and veterinary (veterinary) services.

Geoscience (geography, geology, and geophysics).

In addition, AutoCAD is used for scientific and engineering computing. It is also used in art and design, drafting, architecture, engineering, surveying, landscape design, and graphic design. AutoCAD is used in the following industries and sectors:Architectural, Construction, and Engineering Surveying and mapping Land development Construction and architectural services ArchitectureSoftware development and services Computer graphics and animationDrafting, printing, and prepressElectrical, mechanical, and electronic designEngineering services, Consulting, and Training 3D printingHealthcare and medical servicesHealthcare, dental, veterinary, and pharmaceutical servicesSoftware development and servicesManufacturing and industrial design 3D printingOil and gas, power generation,

AutoCAD Crack + [Win/Mac]

AutoCAD by drawing an SVG path to create a representation of the drawing. The information is uploaded to a central location, and can be retrieved by a system of identifiers. The drawing is only a representation of the information, and is not intended to preserve the true information. The SVG format has also been used for animations and simulations.
AutoCAD Scripting Language is based on Delphi and is used to control AutoCAD and modify drawings. Scripts are organized into libraries called “modules”.

An “artboard” is a predefined workspace, used to create drawings.
Autocad’s own Batch is a DOS application that allows execution of a file sequence in AutoCAD.

AutoCAD Explorer is a set of commands to perform common tasks in a graphical environment.

AutoCAD also includes a number of add-ons, including but not limited to: AutoCAD Web App Studio (AWS), AutoCAD Graphic & Web Builder (GWB), AutoCAD HMI (HA), AutoCAD web services (a.k.a. web services), AutoCAD Model Space (AMS), AutoCAD Modeling software (AS), AutoCAD Mobile (a.k.a. mobile app), AutoCAD Raster Graphics (a.k.a. raster graphics), AutoCAD Sketch (a.k.a. sketch), Automated Rigid Body (a.k.a. rigid body), AutoCAD Universal (a.k.a. universal), AutoCAD Vista (a.k.a. QTVS), AutoCAD University, AutoCAD Work Center, AutoCAD World Map (a.k.a. World Map), AutoCAD Web App Studio (AWS), AutoCAD Delphi, AutoCAD direct writing (a.k.a. “DirectWrite” and “AutoCAD DW”), AutoCAD graphic design, AutoCAD graphic designer (a.k.a. GD), AutoCAD graphite, AutoCAD inject, AutoCAD Layout, AutoCAD iPhone SDK, AutoCAD Light, AutoCAD model installer, AutoCAD Motion, AutoCAD overdrive, AutoCAD Plotter, AutoCAD Protos, AutoCAD PSP, AutoCAD Process Manager, AutoCAD Project Manager, AutoCAD Productivity Center, AutoCAD prep, AutoCAD Print Manager, AutoCAD Print Shop,

AutoCAD Crack +

After the program is activated, press the Autocad button. It will generate a code on the bottom of the screen.

To be able to use the Autocad Keygen, you have to connect to the internet.

How to use the Registration Code
Download Autocad or Autocad 2014 Student Edition on your Computer.
Double click to the downloaded file
Click “Register”
After your registration process is finished, you will be able to use Autocad software.

As the last step of the registration process, you will be given a registration key. You can use this key to register Autocad and install it.

Autocad for Education

Autocad for education is a simplified version of Autocad software for schools and students. The software includes some major features of Autocad that makes it a very important software for students and teachers.

Autocad for Education has a better user interface than other versions. The main differences are the colors, fonts, and file types. The Student Edition also includes tutorials, tutorials for teachers, and a user manual.

The software has more than 50 functions which are the most important and most used features of Autocad for Students and Teachers. The tutorials of the software also make this product very useful for students and teachers.

Autocad for Education enables teachers and students to easily draw, edit and modify plans, sections and elevations.



Autocad for Education includes the Workshop software. You can use this software to create a group of works (plans, sections, elevations, etc.) and also to save the changes that you make.

The workshop provides an interface that is similar to the interface of Autocad. The interface contains four panels.

Panel 1: Overview of the Design
This panel has options such as the drawing sheet, sheet statistics, and the task pane. The sheet statistics are useful for teachers to see how many works they are creating in Autocad for Education and how many people work on the files. The task pane allows to add, edit, or remove works, and also to save the changes that you made.

Panel 2: Set the Object
This panel contains the command buttons that are commonly used, such as the wireframe, perspective, orthographic and drafting options.

Panel 3: Working in the Drawing
This panel contains options that are similar to Autocad. You

What’s New In?

To create accurate 2D drawings, 2D measurements need to be imported directly into AutoCAD without any additional manual steps.

With Markup Import, you can now bring scanned measurements from sheets of paper and PDFs directly into your drawings, rather than having to generate a lot of additional data in a separate editing step.

On-screen and online tools for more collaborative work. The Online Tools and Cloud services section (video: 3:15 min.)

Collaborate with others through AutoCAD, by annotating and commenting on design elements in your models.

Layers and styles:

You can now turn any object on or off with a layer property. Layer options are controlled by the Show (or Hide) option in the View panel. You can add layer and property options to existing objects using the Layer Properties dialog box.

Draw 3D figures and surfaces using 2D tools.

With 3D Drafting mode, you can draw two-dimensional objects in three dimensions.

3D Drafting

The new 3D Drafting mode, available in 2D Drafting mode and not available in 3D Editing mode, allows you to draw non-orthogonal surfaces in three dimensions. You can use a combination of 3D, 2D and freehand tools to draw surfaces such as glass, rubber and plastic that have objects on both sides.

Lines and splines:

Draw flexible lines by combining the width of a line with its length. You can adjust the width of the line with the Width option in the Edit panel.

With the Spline tool, you can draw smooth curves that adapt to your on-screen actions, including rotations and translations.


Curve and spline tools have been greatly improved to make drawing smooth curves and splines easier.

Geometric modeling features:

Snap features:

With the Snap feature, you can create geometry using common modeling techniques, such as vertex- or edge-constrained snapping.

It is now possible to snap between CAD elements on a model. This feature is available in the Drafting panel in 2D Drafting mode and the 3D Drafting panel in 3D Drafting mode.

The feature uses the shared style, model orientation and axis for the objects and tools you snap to.

With the feature, you can snap a point or edge to an object or line

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Supported Platforms: PC
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