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The program is used to draw drafting and design details for many different types of projects, including mechanical, electrical, architectural, landscape architecture, transportation, among others.

It is used by designers, engineers, architects, contractors, and many other types of professionals to create mechanical and architectural designs, drawings, schematics, blueprints, 3D models, renders, and animations.

AutoCAD Torrent Download is used to create two-dimensional drawings, and also to produce three-dimensional models of objects, and renderings of those models.

In Autodesk, like many other similar software applications, the user first specifies what they want to create, e.g. a house, a car, a fence, a truck, etc. Using keyboard shortcuts and mouse clicks, the user can then begin to draw the object in different sections. At any stage in the drawing process, the user can modify the original design.

An important feature of AutoCAD is that it produces multiple output files for each design, so that when the drawing is complete, the user can look at and change or modify a large number of the original files, including the original sketch, and the drafts. The user can also then evaluate all the drafts that they generated and select the version that they believe is the best for the job.

Autodesk AutoCAD contains the following features:

Drawing capabilities

2D and 3D drawing functions

Sketch/rubber tools

The ability to insert, modify, and combine drawing objects, either in 2D or 3D.

The ability to create and edit parametric and non-parametric 3D solids

The ability to model and create free-form solid geometric shapes and fillets (e.g., radius, chord, gradient, etc.).

Creation of surface models.

Creation of surfaces for non-linear solids (e.g., shells, pockets, inserts, etc.).

Multiple-order solids, including parametric solids, such as spheres, cylinders, boxes, and elliptical cylinders.

Creation of parametric solid surfaces (e.g., cylinders, cylinders, boxes, ellipses, etc.).

Creation of beams, solid platforms, and supports.

Creation of stacked solids.

Creation of creases and serrated edges for meshes.

Creation of loops for 3D polygonal meshes.

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Autodesk DWG format (only for AutoCAD Product Key 2010 and above)
Autodesk DWF format (only for AutoCAD 2011 and above)

When AutoCAD 2010 was released, Autodesk added the AutoCAD DWF file format as a new option for output. This allows 2D and 3D DWF files to be created directly from a CAD drawing. The DWF files can be viewed in any viewer (except Portable Document Format), can be printed with a DWF printer or viewed in AutoCAD as an actual DWG drawing. DWF is designed to be the file format of choice for workflow and interactive applications such as Digital Models and other 3D software.

The introduction of the DWF output format has also allowed Autodesk to release the AutoCAD.NET assemblies. The AutoCAD.NET assemblies are, by design, smaller than the ones used in earlier releases, reducing the Autodesk Exchange Apps (ABA). AutoCAD 2010 includes the AutoCAD.NET assemblies along with the Autodesk.NET assemblies.

A BIM-specific format is the Autodesk BIM 360 format, supporting the exchange of two-dimensional and three-dimensional information in the Autodesk Project 360 format.

File formats

DXF (Drawing eXchange Format) is Autodesk’s native format for 2D drawings. It is a file extension of “.dxf”. The DXF format is widely used in industry because it’s a very simple and machine-friendly format with little room for interpretation errors by human users. The format was originally called DWG (Drawing Interchange Format) but then was renamed DXF because Autodesk released AutoCAD’s DXF file format as an alternative to the DWG file format. DXF files are stored as one large file that contains multiple sheets. This file format is defined in and is part of the Autodesk Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) standard.

The DWG (Drawing Interchange Format) is the format that Autodesk developed for interchange of 2D CAD drawings. Autodesk released the DWG file format with AutoCAD 2.0 and since then the file format has remained the industry standard for CAD file interchange. DWG is a machine-readable file format that contains information about the drawing, including views and layers. It is based on an object-oriented model and is

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What’s New In?

With Markup Assist, collaborate with other designers and documenters on a single drawing and provide feedback to each other.

AutoCAD 2023 fully supports graphics and video imports from Office Open XML files (including PDFs).

You can import your own vector graphics, DWG files, DWF files, VDA files, and SVG files.

You can also import 3D models and video formats.

You can import video into a drawing in a number of ways:

Download videos from the Internet to your hard drive, then use Video Outliner to select and mark the video segments to import to the drawing.

Import the video into a 3D file such as a VideoObject, which you can then drag into a 2D drawing. (2D video imports are only available for Video Object 3D format (*.vob)).

Import the video into a two-dimensional drawing, using File > Import > 2D Video.

Automatically import only the most recent versions of your video files.

Import videos and clip arts to create background images for text or line art.

Video Export and Import:

Export your drawings to a video format, such as AVI.

Import a video file into a 2D drawing.

Update the file time stamps and markers to match the video.

Automatically create new versions of your videos based on previous files.

Audio Import:

Import audio files from compact disc (CD), MP3, WAV, or WMA.

Export audio as a 2D graphic, for use in place of still images.

Use VideoOutliner to select and mark portions of audio to import.

Include footnotes, end titles, and other information in your audio file.

Record sounds from other applications.

Video Zoom:

Zoom in and out on video in a drawing.

In an embedded video, enable the corresponding Zoom tool on the Video Outliner.

Control the speed of the zoom by using one of the keyboard commands:



Control the cursor to a particular point on the timeline and double-click to zoom to that point.

Double-click in the progress bar.

Press the Page Up or Page Down key to zoom in or out.

Press the Home or End key to zoom to the start or end of the video.


System Requirements:

OS: Windows 10 (tested with all flavors), Windows 8.1 and Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core i5-4570 or AMD equivalent
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 960, AMD equivalent
Hard Drive: 20 GB free space
Other Requirements:
Other: DirectX 11 or 12 compatible
Keyboard and Mouse: Xbox One controller recommended
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