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In March 2006, Autodesk introduced AutoCAD LT (AutoCAD LT), a free software application for creating 2D vector graphics and drafting. Similar to AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT is primarily used to create architectural and mechanical drawings. AutoCAD LT is available for Microsoft Windows XP and later, Mac OS X, Linux and on mobile platforms. The free edition of AutoCAD LT can be downloaded from the Autodesk website and will only display line art. AutoCAD LT is not available on mobile platforms. The free web edition of AutoCAD LT can be found at


AutoCAD is available in four primary editions: AutoCAD LT, AutoCAD LT or AutoCAD LT R14, AutoCAD LT WS (Windows Server) or AutoCAD LT PS (Professional Suite), AutoCAD LT WS or AutoCAD LT PS (Professional Suite), AutoCAD WS, AutoCAD WS or AutoCAD WS R14, and AutoCAD WS or AutoCAD WS R14 for Windows Server (only for AutoCAD WS, not AutoCAD LT).

AutoCAD LT is a free, Web-based, collaborative design application for 2D drawing and presentation with a user base of more than 2.5 million registered users. The free desktop edition of AutoCAD LT supports line art and includes integrated archiving and versioning. The free web edition of AutoCAD LT is designed to host collaborative work and provides collaborative drawing and annotation capabilities.

AutoCAD LT or AutoCAD LT R14 is a line art only commercial desktop application. It includes all of the features of AutoCAD LT. AutoCAD LT WS is a line art only, web-based, collaborative design application. It includes all of the features of AutoCAD LT WS and is designed for use in smaller enterprises and schools.

AutoCAD WS or AutoCAD WS R14 is a line art only commercial desktop application. It includes all of the features of AutoCAD WS. AutoCAD WS is designed to be the desktop application of choice for larger organizations, government agencies and contractors. AutoCAD WS R14 is a line art only commercial desktop application. It includes all of the features of AutoCAD WS and is designed to be the desktop application of choice for larger organizations, government agencies and contractors.




AutoLISP is a very simple programming language. It is an interpreted dynamic programming language, for which there are no run-time tools or compilers. AutoLISP is generally used for a quick way to write short scripts or functions for use in a graphical program. It is used with the AutoCAD program and also in other programs that run on AutoCAD. AutoLISP is not usually used for a stand-alone application. AutoLISP is used by thousands of people worldwide. It is used by major players in the industry such as Boeing, General Electric, Ford, Fotomat Corporation, Airbus, Lockheed Martin, Siemens, PPG Industries, Honeywell, Caterpillar, and Johnson & Johnson. The AutoLISP language is an interpreted, interactive, dynamic programming language with support for files, strings, lists, arrays, and objects.

AutoLISP and Autodesk Exchange Apps
The AutoCAD Exchange APIs allows you to integrate AutoCAD with.NET, Visual Basic and VBA based applications.

Visual LISP
AutoCAD 2011 introduced the Visual LISP API. Visual LISP is an object oriented, interactive programming environment that gives the user a self-contained interactive system. Visual LISP is used for scripting, but can also be used to create applications and use other external libraries. Visual LISP can access the user interface objects in AutoCAD.


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Category:AutoCADA study of the behavior of the walls of the human aortic root.
The behavior of the walls of the human aortic root was studied in explants taken from 23 patients (mean age 51 +/- 2.1 years, 13 men and 10 women) undergoing valve replacement surgery at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. The average patient weight was 142 +/- 8.9 kg, and mean body surface area was 1.82 +/- 0.07. The hearts were studied

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Go to the menu, click on File > New > File.
In the window that opens, select Automatic.
In the dialog box that opens, press Import AutoCAD Key.
The “AutoCAD Key – [company name]” Key will be created.

Option for automatic creation of the key

When a new file is created using the template called “File”. You can create a new key by selecting the “File” template and clicking on the “Autocad (Windows)” button. Pressing the “Autocad (Windows)” button will open the window with a shortcut to the autocad.exe file and an option of the key creation

The Autocad key and Key creator keygen is available for download free of charge. The download page includes a reference of the key creator and key gen.

Category:Autodesk softwareQ:

How to get the list of the XML attributes

I have XML like below :-



As you can see there are 2 cmd-args. Now I am using the xml2js module, and I want to get the list of the cmd-args. The command I am using is
xml2js –pretty=2 testset.xml > testset.json

now, how can I get the list of the cmd-args like below
“cmd-args”: [

What’s New in the?

The ability to format text (bold, italic, strikethrough, underline, and more) and apply styles (fractions, dimensions, fonts, and much more) to shapes makes creating designs easier than ever.

Workflow improvements:

Document management with Document Management Options and new navigation tools that help you navigate the design space more easily.

Shape layers help you see and manage the complex details of your drawings while the organized 2D Modeling Environment improves your efficiency and performance.

The improved 2D Modeling Environment allows you to view multiple views simultaneously, making it easy to find and select reference points in a drawing.

A new workflow makes it easy to check your drawing in multiple formats (PDF, CD, and more).

Creation of AutoCAD Layers has been improved, enabling you to make complex layer collections automatically.

Keyboard Shortcuts (keyboard shortcuts):

CTRL + right-arrow moves you to the next command (such as extending an object or moving it), CTRL + left-arrow moves you to the previous command.

You can now use the keyboard to select objects. CTRL + left-arrow or CTRL + right-arrow to select an object.

A new Visual Style System lets you customize the appearance of the drawing window and toolbars.

See the new AutoCAD 2023 video to learn more about the innovations that improve your design productivity and efficiency.

AutoCAD Drawing Objects:

The Organizer enables you to configure commonly used objects and actions into groups to make it easier to find them.

You can now choose from 12 high-contrast colors in 16-point font and create a custom color scheme.

You can create custom palettes with different color schemes and font sizes for different objects and layers.

You can group objects and customize color schemes easily.

The ability to switch between different drawing orientations (portrait and landscape) based on device orientation enables you to create better designs.

The new Graphical User Interface (GUI) has been streamlined and enhanced to make it easier to perform common tasks.

You can now use 2D drawing tools in 3D, as well as 3D in 2D.

You can move and rotate objects in 3D.

You can make adjustments to 3D objects such as cut and revolve

System Requirements:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0, Safari 3.0 or higher, Firefox 3.0 or higher, or Chrome 1.0 or higher.
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