X-force Robot Structural Analysis Professional 2016 Activation [BEST]

X-force Robot Structural Analysis Professional 2016 Activation [BEST]

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X-force Robot Structural Analysis Professional 2016 Activation

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IndexedDB: how to access both primary and secondary key?

I have two rows in the records array of an IndexedDB transaction. I create, insert, and then “index” the rows using two different keys:
var transaction = db.transaction([tableName], IDBTransaction.READ_WRITE);
var store = transaction.objectStore(tableName);
var records = store.bulkGet(100);

The keys are just simple strings. However, when I want to get the values for the two keys from the transaction, I get:

If I don’t specify the secondaryKey, I get nothing. However, the docs say to specify a secondaryKey, too. The question is: how? I want to get the value for both primary and secondary keys.


EDIT: I’d added previous answer to question, then found answer for my original question here.
As the docs say:

If your application does not support strong consistency guarantees or
if you expect the row to be modified or deleted while your index
traversal is in progress, use the secondaryKey parameter to get the

Thus, if you don’t have any strong consistency guarantee, just don’t specify secondaryKey. Otherwise, specify it and treat it just like primaryKey.

and central regulatory function of transforming growth factor-β (TGF-β) signaling pathway and various types of TGF-β receptors (TGFβRs) in bovine ovarian tissue. The study showed differential expression levels of TGFβR1, 2 and 3 receptor mRNAs and proteins in developing bovine ovaries and in the ovarian tissue of cows with ovarian cysts and with ovulation. Generally, the expression levels of TGFβR mRNAs and proteins were higher in cystic samples and during the early stage of follicle development than in non-cystic samples and in the cyst-free stage of follicular development \[[@B24-ijerph-14-00962]\].

In a study of the effects of bovine follicular fluid on the activation of TGFβ signaling in cumulus cells, the authors showed that the introduction of bovine follicular fluid and its bioactive components in cumulus cell cultures promotes cyclo


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